In the Blue and white corner stands Matt Leinart.  Ole Matty is just the unluckiest guy in pro football right now.  He never worked out in Arizona with the Cardinals, I mean it says a lot that Derek Anderson beats you out.  He rides the pine for nearly a year and a half in Houston and finally gets his shot with Shaub on the IR, and he screws up his throwing shoulder and is more than likely done for the season.  Seriously could the guy have more bad luck?  He actually looked good too against a decent passing defense in the Jags.  The only savior is that even with the brief appearance he probably earned himself another season in the NFL.

In the orange and blue corner we have for Notre Dame standout Brady Quinn.  Quinn came out of ND with much praise as the can’t miss kid.  Well guess what? He missed, big time.  After flaming out in Cleveland (which I guess to some extent was to be accepted), he ends up in Denver.  He has an open competition between Orton, himself and Tebow.  Can’t beat out either.  Now Orton is so bad that just let him go and Tebow has a hard time completing more than 10 passes in a game.  I still am trying to wrap my head around the fact that Tebow is starting over him. I guess that just goes to show you how bad he is even in practice (where there is no contact for QBs) for the Bronco brass not to start him.

My gut tells me that it’s Quinn since he has become a third string quarterback, although now he is a number 2.  Leinart I still think could become a started, but really I think both have a long way to go to prove themseves as professional football players.  eBay puts both of them around the $20 mark on average.  Either way you go though, do either of these guys have an up side at this point in their careers?

So who do you think is more worthless at this point in their careers?


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  1. deal says:

    A few lets say…mediocre QBs have won Superbowls so I certainly think both Quinn and Leinert could become that kind of QB. Since they are Marquee Collegiate names they would likely have a significant bump if they could get into the right situation. Before Leinert got injured I thought this may be his opportunity for that kind of rise.

    neither of these guys is Trent Dilfer – they have some name value and they are both young enough they may kick around for maybe another decade.

  2. Mike D says:

    Being able to comment after Sunday, I think Leinart is more worthless at this point. He wasn’t serviceable in the NFL as you mentioned with Arizona before needing to latch on midseason with Houston. And after less than one game, the guy is injured again and done for the foreseeable future. I think its poetic that he was cited as being more interested in enjoying the spoils of “NFL quarterback” as a title than actually being an “NFL quarterback”.
    With Quinn, there was no win in either Cleveland or Denver. With Denver falling prey to poor management, Quinn could have lit the preseason on fire and still not been able to make the jump over Orton as the contract QB. And when the Tebow decision came, being yet another QB with political interests weighing more than perceived talent, Quinn could have thrown for 4,000 yards (Re: Orton) and not have had a chance.
    Quinn could still make an impact if given the right opportunity. I don’t know what “right” is, but after watching Caleb Hanie yesterday, there are opportunities still out there…

  3. Michel says:

    If we are talking strictly about the cards here I would say that quinn’s is more worthless, at least Leinart won a Heisman trophy.

  4. Mike says:

    You know who’s cards are worth the less? Your custom made cards

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