A few months ago I wrote a blog on McNabb being released from Washington.  I really thought that his career was over.  Of course I was wrong and he went and signed with the Vikings.  Now I won’t be brazen enough and say that he is finally done since a lot of media outlets are saying that he is off to Houston next.

McNabb is finally done, he is just doesn’t want to admit it.  I think the toughest part for an aging professional player to accept is that his skills just aren’t there.  I think every guy goes through this at some point in his life.  I know for me it was right around 33.  My mind knew what to do, but the body couldn’t execute it.    I knew it was over when I couldn’t throw from third to first anymore without a sharp pain in my shoulder.

For NFL players it’s much more complex, they are freaks of nature and even when they are only running 50%, the superstars (like McNabb was) are better than the backups.  For McNabb though, he doesn’t have the arm strength anymore or the mobility he once had.  He was never a precision passer but when you have to sit in the pocket you have to be.  I hope during the off season he will sit down and take a good look at his career and where he is now and decide maybe it’s time to head to the broadcaster booth.

He’s a sharp good looking guy who knows his football and would do great on the air.  You know someone will pick him up, it’s just a matter of time.  However next year will be different, he shouldn’t expect a call until mid season if at all.  He’s not going to accept a backup roll so I’m just thinking that this might be it for him.  The good news is that this could only allow his cards to rebound.  His autographs on eBay run from $8 – $25, which I expect to go up (if only slightly) when he retires.  My feeling is that he is a Hall of Famer, he currently stands as a top 25 in four major categories for his career.  The problem is going to be when you think McNabb do you think Hall of Famer, I don’t but after you look at his career he makes sense.  I just wonder how many writers are going to feel the same way?

99 DONOVAN McNABB UD Retro Inkredible GOLD Auto #2/5 RC on card HOLY GRAIL FSWhat’s your take on McNabb?


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  1. jj says:

    I live in Philly nation, so my Mcnabb thoughts are very bias, first off he is a average QB, sure he had good years, and made it to NFC championship games, but he never one the big one, HOF worthy NO, he never proved he was that Elway, Favre, or Marino, heck even the Manning boys are more elite. I feel Mcnabbs days over, and he has to understand no teams are interested in him for a reason. He never got the job done.

  2. Mike D says:

    I would tend to agree with a lot of the McNabb notes on national news these days. However, when placed in an “average” category, that is just not the case. Winning championships does not solely make you a “great” quarterback. Stop talking like ESPN. Jim Kelly, Dan Marino and Warren Moon are all in the Hall of Fame without having won a Super Bowl. So stop with all that. So is Troy Aikman, who by the numbers was an “average” quarterback, but was surrounded by elite talent and did his job just a little better than necessary. Pure Super Bowls would make HOFers out of Trent Dilfer, Jim McMahon, Eli Manning, Doug Williams, Mark Rypien and Brad Johnson.
    McNabb is statistically among the elite and had a history of success, despite what Philadelphia fans would complain about. No he didn’t close the deal, but neither did Marino or Kelly.
    You do not always have to be elite to be a Hall of Famer. McNabb was certainly elite for stretches of his career. Is he a first ballot? Depends on the company in his projected class. But I think he merited enough in his career to be held amongst the best.

    • jj says:

      2004 was the defining year for Mcnabb, he had everything he needed to win that superbowl, but when it came to pressure he did not have it. It’s been 60 years since the eagles won a title, every team in the NFC east has a ring, and so should he, but he choked. He’s just not HOF material, I would have to argue if Mcnabb gets in so should Warner.

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