I have a theory about backup quarterbacks in the NFL.  There are essentially two kinds your team wants to have. First you have the rugged veteran, the guy who started before, maybe not the best but definitely can handle being a backup.  I put guys like Dan Orlovsky, Mark Brunell, Charlie Whitehurst, etc. in this category.  The other type is the young gun, the guy who is your project quarterback, not as good as QB1, but if QB1 goes down, he’s going to be OK, guys like Josh Johnson, Curtis Painter, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, etc.  However right now there are several quarterbacks that don’t fit either profile.  The one I’ll focus on today is Caleb Hanie.

Flat out, he might have had the worst outing of any quarterback this week. He line from Sunday’s game against the Chiefs was 11-24, 133 yards, no TDs and three interceptions.  His rating this week was 23.8, he has six interceptions over the course of 2 games and now with Matt Forte sidelined, he has no protection from LBs and blitzing secondary. It could very well be a bloodbath next weekend.

There are so many things he is doing wrong, from telescoping his throws to no reading routes correctly.  He’s not what you would call a pinpoint passer either, if he wasn’t throwing to two speedsters in Knox and Hester, he wouldn’t have even come close to 11 completions.  Hanie is clearly well over his head and there is NO HELP coming soon.  Behind him on the depth chart is Nathan Enderle and the recently signed Josh McCown.

Enderle was a so so QB in college playing for Idaho while McNown was started just four games since 2007.  His last start was September of 2009.  The Bears are in deep trouble.  They say Forte could be back this weekend, and I’m sure they will rush it, but when defenders stack eight in the box since they know Hanie will throw as little as possible, they might be asking for trouble.  Hanie is in WAY OVER HIS HEAD, he is just not a NFL caliber QB and I would be big dollars that this offseason the Bears are going to focus on QB as a major item to deal with.

The most amazing thing in my eyes is just how dumb people are:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-Playoff-Contenders-CALEB-HANIE-RC-AUTO-ONLY-AUTO-/180760648107?pt=US_Football&hash=item2a162c99ab#ht_675wt_1346 ($149)

http://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-Playoff-Contenders-CALEB-HANIE-RC-AUTO-ONLY-AUTO-/180760648107?pt=US_Football&hash=item2a162c99ab#ht_675wt_1346 ($129)

http://www.ebay.com/itm/CALEB-HANIE-2008-Playoff-Contenders-AUTO-ROOKIE-RC-only-RC-Auto-Rare-BEARS-QB-/390367279348?pt=US_Football&hash=item5ae3b3f8f4#ht_1715wt_1112 ($100)

Just goes to show you how desperate people are to find the next crazy selling rookie, and those sellers laughed all the way to the bank!

His cards have come down since the vomit inducing performance this past weekend.  Most of his cards are having trouble selling for more than $20.  One more pile of turd he leaves on the field and you can look for his card to dip to half to three quarters off that price.  In other words, if you have his cards UNLOAD THEM NOW!

Am I way off on this?  He is really bad right?


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  1. Hackenbush says:

    I thought he was bad. No, he didn’t have Forte and his protection seemed to get worse as the game went on. Also Martz has too big an aversion to calling roll out plays. But Hanie had chances to hit open receivers for big plays and simply missed them. It would have taken so little to beat KC and that’s what’s so damn frustrating.

  2. Mike D says:

    Hot topic of discussion here in the Chicago area. Why is Hanie so bad if he has been in the system working practice, then gets his chance and looks horrible? Because practice and games are not the same.
    Hanie was bad on Sunday, he overthrew an open Earl Bennett by five yards, threw into triple coverage that had Roy Williams tip the (catchable) ball into an end zone INT. He’s done a lot of other things that are questionable.
    But part of the blame goes to Mike Martz, who is calling the plays for Hanie to run. Some of which are completely ridiculous (the turnaround INT at Oakland was on Martz), and Hanie ran one time against KC after rushing for 50 yards against Oakland.
    And, BTW, speed doesn’t mean good. Knox is afraid to take contact, and Hester historically runs incorrect routes and also wants nothing to do with the middle of the field. They are good in open field, but that’s about it. They don’t make (Cutler or Hanie) better QBs, they are just fast.
    Sell Hanie. He doesn’t play a snap (Re: any Colts or Packers backup from 1999-2010) if Cutler isn’t hurt.

  3. kettleart23 says:

    yeah i saw those 100-150 prices and thought…wow there must be some crazy chicago fans out there- , im looking forward to seeing what Enderie can do- i have some fasith in him- i believe he can play

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