My friend Gene texted me around four this afternoon and told me about Pujols joined the Angels along with CJ Wilson.  I kind of thought that it would fall that way.  After the Marlins pulled the offer off the table and signed Mark Buehrle I figured he was going to the other 1o year deal on the table.  You just had to know that once he broke off talks with the Cardinals at the beginning of the season he was going to not be coming back in 2012.

The main issue was why did the Cards deal with Matt Holiday before they dealt with Albert.  It made no sense to me back then and still has me confused.  So the main question on my mind is was this a good deal? 10 years, $254 million, no trade clause, plus he’ll be turning 42 when the deal is over.  I just don’t see him coming close to finishing this deal.  I actually have no problem with per year salary but in 10 years so many things could go wrong, especially when you factor in that it is going to be at the tail end of his career and I really do believe that his body should begin breaking down at the 35-37 year old mark, which really gives him 3 – 5 very good seasons with the Angels.

I believe in trends and the things I see with Albert that bother me are simple, a dropping batting average (29 points lower that his career average) and two straight years of decreasing average.  Decreasing home run totals again a 2 year trend can be seen.  The most overlooked is his decreased doubles, again, two straight declining years but the drop has been from 45 to 39 to 29.  Take that along with his decline is stolen bases and you can see his speed has slipped.  This is the same thing that happened to Alex Rodriguez after he turned 31.

Overall, I think the move was brilliant for the Angels even though I think a lot of people are going to hope he fails there.  They are in such a weak division that this move helps them tremendously.  I really thought that Morales was going to be their long term solution at first base, but he just can’t stay healthy.  Mark Trumbo wasn’t bad, but he can’t be as productive as Pujols is.He was barely a 0.300 hitter in the minors but in the majors.  I’m really unsure where they move him (DH or outfield more than likely).

CJ Wilson on the other hand was a brilliant move.  Removing him from their rival and bolstering their already decent starting rotation now with their second ace (behind Weaver).  His deal was 5 years for $77 million or roughly $15.4 million a season for a 30 year old sounds bad at first, but consider that his arm doesn’t have the innings on it like Barry Zito had.  I still think he will be very productive over the next 5 years.

Either way you look at it, the Angles become the leading contenders for winning the AL next season, if not for seasons to come.  As for autograph value Pujols runs between $250 – 350 if not more while CJ Wilson’s will set you back between $9 – $15.  I would call both of them buys at this point, not that I have the kind of scratch to land a Pujols but let’s face it, his slimeball agent has done everything in his power to keep the value of his autograph up.  It’s not losing value anytime soon.

What did you think of the mega deals?


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  1. Brian B says:

    Im shocked he left St Louis, who knows what the final offer was from the Cards, I heard 220, yeah the Angels paid a good 3 mill more per year. Certain players belong in 1 place, the Jeter effect, but its a business, and players continually show its all about the $$. The last 3-5 years of Pujols contract, will look like the same for Arod, a has been, and it will be sad, as far as CJ, I think he was highly over paid, obviously due to the lack of quality free agent starters, Im glad my Yankees didnt give him that same deal

  2. Mike D says:

    It would have been an interesting case study on Pujols had he joined with the Marlins at the reported $275 million offer that was once on the table. Along with Reyes and Buehrle.
    Considering the team is being investigated for financial issues, and a new stadium in Miami (likely) will not generate the kind of gate they hope. Even when Florida went to the World Series in 1997 and 2003, the draw did not meet the expectation those years or the following years (1998 or 2004). The team could not afford middle of the road stars, but now have all that scratch for three of the top five free agents?
    I think the Pujols deal will likely mirror the ARod and Alfonso Soriano deals, where past gains will not project into future results. But in the short term, LA really helped its chances as long as their young kids can still play.

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