Normally I get a lot of product info sent to me and just weed through the ones I am excited about enough to put on the blog.  I have to tell you though, ITG’s January 19th release date, and a pre-sell on Blowout Cards for $59.99 has me bugging out.  That’s 5 autographs and 2 game used for $60.  The checklist reads as a who’s who of tough guys in hockey:

Partial Checklist – Complete Checklist will be posted shortly

Barnaby, Matthew
Beck, Barry
Belak, Wade
Berube, Craig
Bialowas, Frank
Boschman, Laurie
Boughner, Bob
Brackenbury, Curt
Brashaer, Donald
Buchberger, Kelly
Butcher, Garth
Chase, Kelly
Churla, Shane
Ciccone, Enrico
Clark, Wendel
Corson, Shane
Cummins, Jim
Domi, Tie
Dupont, Andre
Ewen, Tod
Fontinato, Lou
Fotiu, Nick
Gaetz, Link
Gallant, Gerard
Gilles, Clark
Gillies, Trevor
Goldthorpe, Bill
Grimson, Stu
Jonathan, Stan
King, Kris
Kocur, Joey
Konopka, Zenon
Kyte, Jim
Lambert, Denny
Laraque, Georges
Laus, Paul
Lysiak, Tom
Maloney, Dan
Mann, Jimmy
Manson, Dave
Marchment, Bryan
May, Brad
McCarthy, Sandy
McGill, Bob
McKenzie, Jim
McRae, Basil
McSorley, Marty
Miller, Jay
Mirasty, Jon
Nilan, Chris
Nystrom, Bob
O’Reilly, Terry
Odelein, Lyle
Odgers, Jeff
Odjick, Gino
Paiement, Wilf
Peckham, Theo
Peters, Andrew
Pilon, Rich
Plett, Willie
Probert, Bob
Probert, Bob
Ray, Rob
Ruskowski, Terryi
Russell, Phil
Rychel, Warren
Schultz, Dave
Semenko, Dave
Snepsts, Harold
Tootoo, Jordan
Tucker, Darcy
Twist, Tony
Watson, Bryan
Weir, Wally
Wells, Jay
Wesnick, John
Williams, Tiger
Worrell, Peter

I swear everytime I see these cards they add another name of a player who I want an autographs of.  Plus the cards look pretty damn good, see for yourself:

Plus the publicity this set has been getting is fantastic, almost every major news outlet wrote a story about the blood stained cards.  Saying how the set is in bad taste, forget about that, if you are a true hockey fan, how can you not be psyched about this set.  I am very much hoping for a preview box, generally I get it one day in advance.  I will give away EVERY SINGLE CARD in the box!  So be ready come 1/19/12.

What do you think about the set?



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  1. Mark R says:

    Looks like more garbage from Brian Price. If you have no license and your company is getting less and less love from collectors you have to produce crap like this. Horrible design, some of the cards haven’t even been cleaned up in photoshop.

    Feel free to donate your 60 bucks to the Brian Price I need a steak dinner fund.

  2. I’m stoked for this—whats not too like–hockey, tough guys and hits—-its not like a set honouring penalty killers–not quite the same appeal–would love to win something here

  3. chris says:

    Set is one of the coolest I have ever seen. Love the fact that I can get autos of guys that would have never had an auto card in their life. Jimmy Mann ! Are you kidding me!

    My one issue so far is that though it is a limited set (6000 boxes) and they have listed specific cards as SP’s, there are clearly some autos that are large volume and some that are very rare despite not being called SPs. Not a problem except for Wilf Paiement… I have yet to see this card on the secondary market at all despite apparently being distributed. Where are you Wilf Paiement!

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