So I was trying to find a nice relic to purchase for my personal collection and I found something on eBay that intrigued me. I’m not really a jewelry kind of person but after seeing this, I might be inclined to become one. Here was the eBay auction.

So I did some hunting and found out the name of the company that produces them is Relic Wear Inc.  I got in touch with the company and they offered to send out some samples for me to give away.  I have only seen what is on their website.  Game used bracelets of the game’s biggest heroes.  Nearly every legend in all four major sports.  They even have team specific and patch style bracelets.  Also it seems that everything is a limited edition.

I should get the samples in a few days and I will give them all away, two key chains, and one bracelet. When they come in I’ll do a proper review and take some pictures.  Here are some from the website:

Bat Relics

Celtic Legends

Key Chain

At first look, what do you think?


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  1. the first thought is…what geek would want that stuff? upon seeing this, the second thought is, i’m totally the type of geek who would like this ! cant wait to see your review. i’m sure dodger relics would look very cool. 🙂

  2. Bill says:

    Jewelry isn’t my thing but I think that’s a cool idea. And really in great way to show off your “collection” or rooting interest in an interesting way.

  3. Ryan G says:

    Like Bill says, I don’t do the jewelry thing, but these are pretty cool. I like the idea of a keychain better than a bracelet, and the keychain looks better, too.

  4. Astro says:

    Are men’s sports actually getting this soft?? Giving out bracelets? Thats just another negative impact of women on male sports

    • Jay says:

      The point is not the functional aspect of it being a bracelet.Thus being a feminine thing. Its all about the Hero worship factor regarding the piece of game used within .Thus being a macho thing. Objectively speaking it can not have anything to a “negative impact of women on male sports ” .<What does that mean anyways ? how can women have a negative impact on male sports ? Are you seeing a bunch of sissys sporting bracelets and high heels giving eachother reacharounds after the game ?

      • Astro says:

        Womens negative impact on mens sports:

        1. Taking fighting out of hockey, it must be a group of women or group of men considered to be women trying to ban the most macho thing in the sport.

        2. Women taking hard hits out of football, and making it look like touch flag football. Let the real men play, like they did with no helmets decades ago.

      • chemgod says:

        So what your saying is, let’s let the players kill themselves on the field so they can be more manly? I don’t think women or sissies are worried about the violence, I think all people should be worried about the health of an athlete.

  5. @mlboutsider says:

    i like’em – i tweeted the site and gave your site props for where i saw it

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