So my collecting habits have changed yet again.  I am only allowing myself one really good card a month. I figured I would share with you my October purchase:

2009 Sweet Spot CAL RIPKEN Jr. Auto
I’ve always wanted a Ripken Jr. autograph so this is it for me.  I found it for  $55 including shipping.  Although the card looks chipped along the bottom, it’s actually deceptive because of the design.  I’ve always loved the Sweet Spot signatures and this one is no different.  It definitely becomes one of the best cards in my collection.


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  1. Mike D says:

    First, congrats on hitting 1,000,000! Secondly, that Ripken card is sweet! I’ve been chasing after a Ripken relic and would love an autograph of his, but the price is always through the roof. To get one on a Sweet Spot card is doubly worth it. Well done! Hopefully it doesn’t fade before 2014.

  2. the sewingmachineguy says:

    Nice looking card! It would be cool if there were a UV protective loader to put in, so it could be displayed on a bookshelf or somewhere. Cards like that shouldn’t be stuck in a box.

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