I went to Walmart last night and picked a pack out of the gravity feeder.  Usually I try not to pack search but this pack actually bulged out of the pack and I had to get it even if it just turned out to be a blocker card.  Both my wife and I thought it was a blocker card but what the heck.  The 6 card pack had 2 cards. A George Burns common and this “patch” card:

The patch is from the shirt pictured on the card.  Oddly enough I couldn’t find another like it on eBay, actually very few had “patches”.  It’s not numbered so I guess it’s just a common relic card.  I have to say though the Topps 2011 American Pie set sucks.  Did they really have to rip off Donruss Americana so blatantly?  All I know is I find myself singing not only American Pie but Weird Al’s version too (the Star Wars one).

OK so I want you guys to crack some jokes on the card. Or if you are blown away by it’s sheer awesomeness let me know too.


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  1. Ryan G says:

    They tried to donate the shirt to a charity but nobody would take it, so the only way to get rid of it was to put it on a Topps card.

    In all honesty, I like the concept behind the base set and inserts for this year’s American Pie – it’s kind of a history set instead of a celebrity set. The Walk of Fame insert and these relics and autos are the only “celebrity” cards there, really. The WOF set has a good list but those folks don’t have relics or autos in the set, and the list of relics and autos that are available is so weak it makes Upper Deck’s Celebrity Spectrum set look like Americana Celebrity Cuts.

  2. dawgbones says:

    That’s just wrong. If they are going to place a play on words in their product, it should at least be autographed and numbered. I must say though, this is the first card I’ve seen from the set that has actually impressed me. Bar codes!? Really?? Birth Control Pills??!!?? Really ?? Wouldn’t that have made an interesting relic card???

  3. jeff says:

    I was always blown away in the donress set as to whom they deemed (stars) most of the people I got in my box I wouldn’t let them cut in line at McDonald’s.

  4. bamlinden says:

    “Usually I try not to pack search”


  5. blevins26 says:

    I honestly love this card. “American Pie” was one of the songs I remember growing up and it was supposedly written in a bar called the Tin & Lint in Saratoga, NY where I spent my formative college years. For a Wal-Mart gravity feed pack, I think this is a pretty amazing hit.

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