In 2006 the sports world was stunned when Reggie Bush was chosen 2nd overall in the NFL draft.  The Texans were  panned for their selection, but now more than five years later it seems like the right move.  Until this weekend, when Reggie Bush ran for 203 yards.  He has actually looked like almost a serviceable back this season.  It certainly didn’t look like it four weeks ago when he put up 15 carries for 32 yards.

I really want to say that he never had a chance in New Orleans, but he did, a lot of chances.  The stood by him and his injuries, or how he never seemed to be the running back that he was at USC.  He seemed like he could receive and he could rush, but not both really well.  He needed the trade to try and re-establish his career.  So far this season, it hasn’t been good.  Plus let’s face it, any given Sunday anything can happen.  I don’t know if he is capable of averaging a 100 yard per game season.  I just know that he’s should be better than a 60 yard per game running back.

With the new coach being recruited as we speak, Bush’s career could be rejuvenated with a solid coach, but more than likely he is going to be that 60 yards a game back for the rest of his career.  It’s just that on this given Sunday when he torched the Bills defense for 203 yards.  His cards run about $35 – $50 and I have to say right now it’s a sell, sell, sell.  Unload while he is hot!

So, Reggie Bush, Buy or Sell?

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  1. MIKE WEBER says:

    The only thing “hot” about his career was his ex-wife

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