Contest extended to 8pm 12/26/11

I could apologize for the lack of posts, but that’s so cliche.  Instead, the items from Relic Wear arrived this week and I thought what a great way to celebrate the holidays, but to give away the samples I got from them.  So here is what they sent to me to review.  First the three keychains:

They are very heavy and well put together.  I have to say though though, the piece of jersey or bat/stick in each one is very small and somewhat difficult to see.  I have to say though for a collector like many people on the blog, it’s kind of a cool thing to have.  The piece of memorabilia will never never fall out since it is locked into the keychain.  So If you want one of these, tell me in a post why you would want one.  Be as lame or creative as you would like.  However they will be judged by me and my wife.  One entry per person and only one keychain per entry.  So choose wisely!

Next up the bracelet:

If you want to enter for the bracelet, again, tell us why in your post and if it’s good it’s all yours.  Good luck to everyone and have a great Holiday.  Contest ends Christmas night at 10pm.


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  1. Corky says:

    I would love the Ted Williams key chain, that way when I nail someone with my keychain they can honestly tell people they got hit by the Splendid Splinters bat.

  2. Scott says:

    ted williams – great excuse to get rid of my digital keychain and be more manly!

    bracelet – at times i play pranks on my wife (give her a gift that she doesn’t really want, but i really want it and she gives it to me), here, would be a great gift/prank for my wife which in return she hates it and gives it straight to me :o)

    thanks for the awesome contest!

  3. Neat product! I like the concept. Agree the swatches could be a little bigger. I’ll enter for the Ted Williams keychain. Even as a Yankee fan, can’t pass up the opportunity at a HOF relic!

  4. dawgbones says:

    It would be very cool to own a piece of memorabilia like this for my collection, and to be very honest, I would not use the keychain, but wear some type of jewlery each day, including a large assortment of bracelets. That one would be quite the conversation peice now that hockey season is once again, upon us.
    So, in closing, please, oh please pick me, I’ll be your bestest buddy and big tow forever and ever…

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and Mrs. Chemgod, from Me and MRs. Dawgbones!!

  5. Talk about a status symbol! To have a piece of Ted Williams’ bat on my keychain once I move to Japan would be an ultimate example of my love of collecting. I would be the coolest guy in Japan. Well, not quite, but it would certainly help me pick up women. Assuming they know who Ted Williams is. I mean, I wonder how many young women here in America know who he is anymore. But I digress. This thing is cooooool.

  6. bamlinden says:

    Why would I like the Bobby Hull Game Used Keychain?

    Simply put……my Bobby Hull jersey card is getting very crumpled up from carrying it around in my back pocket.

    Thanks for the contest.

  7. I have an 11 week old son, and I’d like to share the rich tradition of Boston sports history with him. I think the Cam Neely keychain would be a great keepsake to put away for him. I think it would be a great memory for us to share. Thanks and Happy Holidays to all!

  8. wickedortega says:

    The bracelet would go great to the signing i will be going to at Hollywood Collectables in Hollywood ,Floirda in Jan. Bobby will be there and how cool would it be to show him the bracelet and ask him to take a picture with it. I really hope i win it!! I’m keep my fingers and toes crossed. 🙂 Thanks for running a great contest!! And a big thanks to Relic Wear for giving you some great items to give a way…

  9. Bruins Rule–Cam Neely key chain would hold the key to my heart–kind of lame i guess–and what better way to accesorize that a bracelet—I’m not begging (yes I am)–please sir–I want more

  10. Q says:

    I am a huge Ted Williams fan. So much so I’d be willing to be chryogenically frozen. Or I’d settle for carrying around that keychain until my demise.

  11. Mike says:

    Nice ring on your finger fag. Maybe you should wear one of these gay bracelets to match it while having your wife paint your nails one of her thousand shades.

  12. Steve Gross says:

    I would love the Bobby Hull key chain. My grandpa is the one who got me into hockey. Been a huge Islanders and Lightning fan since 1992. However, Bobby Hull was the man that brought my grandpa into hockey in the 1960’s. He used to take my mother to the Old MSG and the New Msg (after 1968) to numerous games. He tells me stories of years past of seeing the Golden Jet fly down the ice at the garden and just dominate the old Rangers and score on poor Ed Giacomin. The best part of this is, a few years ago there was an old nhl alumni camp that was down here in Tampa. I told my grandpa about it. Wouldn’t you know that along with big time alumni such as Denis Potvin and Phil Esposito, the other big name to show up was Bobby Hull. My grandpa was so thrilled, got to meet his hero finally and took a great picture with him. P.S I got to meet Bobby about 15 years ago at a card show. What a great guy.

    Thanks again


  13. Joe L says:

    I’d love the Neely key chain because besides Steve Yzerman he was probably my favorite non-Sabre from my childhood.

    Plus how can you not love a guy who averages almost a point a game in the payoffs?

    Thanks for the great contest and Merry Christmas!

  14. Bob Rifkin says:

    My friend was named after Ted Williams because his Dad was a huge fan of all Boston teams but especially the Red Sox. If I win the keychain, I would give it to him. Merry Christmas

  15. The Dimwit says:

    That Ted Williams keychain is pretty awesome. Since I doubt I ever will pull a Williams relic because I don’t open any high end product, it would be really cool to have a chance for this keychain. I may have to look more into this companies stuff. Very cool.

  16. Jay says:

    I think the product is rather creative and looks good. Why should I have the Bobby Hull bracelet ? We’ve the same birthday.When I was 9 I had the number 9 on my skates in honor of The Golden Jet. Being from outside Detroit. The other kids at the skating pond would assume it was in honor of Gordie Howe. I was constantly tormented in the winter of 71 at the skating pond because of my choice of hero. I was usually “picked” in the latter rounds of a pick up game simply because of that and deligated to the team that usually lost. Myself being awarded the Hull bracelet would kinda soothe the pain and anguish of all those years ago when I stood by my choice of a hero, despite what all the other kids felt.We did win a few of those pick up games and the very last pick up game of the winter of 71. I scored the winning goal and the last goal of the season as the sun had gone down and after 10 hours out on the pond ,it was time to go home. As usual, I walked home by myself but with my head just a bit higher. I’m going to stop by the ol’ pond this winter just to have a look .After all these years.

  17. Matty A says:

    Gotta be the Ted Williams keychain! I appreciate the history of the game and what Williams meant to it in his constant pursuit of greatness as a ballplayer and how he he proudly served his country at the expense of his career numbers. Plus if I win I can say “Gods don’t answer letters ……but you and your wife do” . Merry Christmas to you both!!

  18. Dave H says:

    I would love to have the Hull game used keychain as my current keychain is extremely lame and features a mascot to a school I don’t even teach at anymore.

    I would like to thank you once again Mike for an awesome contest and I hope you and your wife have an excellent Christmas!

  19. Andy says:

    I somehow manage to lose my keys on my lanyard nearly every day. They always fall out of my pocket because I have nothing but keys on my lanyard! To be able to add a piece of memorabilia from the great Bobby Hull, one of my favorite hockey players in history, would have me certain that I would never lose my keys again; I would be too worried about losing the Hull keychain!

  20. Ken H says:

    I’m going for the bracelet. My son and I are are huge Blackhawk fans. I saw my first game of hockey with my dad and I made sure I took my son to his first game too. One of the things I remember from my first game and Hull scored the first goal of the game. I was hooked after that. He instantly became my favorite player. I now mainly collect Hull many autographs cards and have the ultimate tite a few autographs from him. This would be the ultimate for me. My son is a Patrick Kane fan, but has also met Bobby a few times as well. Either way, this will be a very welcome addition to our collection.
    Thanks so much for the contest and we are going to be buying a couple of keychains from their ebay site.

  21. Crystal says:

    I’ve been a long time read, but this is the first contest I’ve entered and posted a comment to. I really want the Bobby Hull key chain. I am a Blackhawks fan and I try to go to around 10 games a year. I’ve never had a jersey card of him and have always wanted something like that, this would be too cool. I know I have almost no chance of winning it, but I figured that I would try.

    Happy holidays everyone! and thanks for the contest.

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