There were some really nice comments left and some not so nice, either way here are the winners:

Note: I am going to try and get these out sometime next month, but I assure you that they will get to you.  

Bobby Hull Bracelet:

Jay (how can I not pick him?)

Ted Williams Key Chain:

Ryan Gluesing (that was funny)

Bobby Hull Key Chain

Crystal (About a year ago, I tried like heck to hook her up with a relic card, but couldn’t fund a trade partner, happy holidays Crystal)

Cam Neely

Shawn Savage (I can understand the whole father to son aspect of Boston sports tradition, Merry Christmas Shawn and son!)

Like I said, I will get these out when I can, but you will get them.  Please visit Relic Wear’s website and their eBay store.  Thanks again to Relic Wear for this awesome contest!  Also thanks for my readers for entering the contest.

Not sure how many Ovi fans read this blog but this is some of their new work and right now it’s $11.50 on eBay with a day left:

6 responses »

  1. Thank you very much for a cherished holiday memory from baby Raylan and I. Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Ryan G says:

    Totally cool! Thanks so much!

  3. bamlinden says:

    Congrats to the winners! And thanks again for the contest.

  4. Big Mike says:

    So you gave these away to the people you knew? I thought it was more of a open contest.

    • chemgod says:

      Big Mike,

      I gave it away to anyone with a good story. I have never met anyone that I gave something away to. This was an open contest. I didn’t want to do something lottery style, I wanted to enjoy reading why people wanted the item. I promise there will be many more contests out there. You will more than likely win one yourself.


  5. Jay says:

    I am honored to know my story was worthy. I do not personally know the chemgod . I am just a customer of Bad Wax and I love the custom cut cards Bad Wax offers. I never expected to win any contest. Just the luck of a good story …… Bad Wax Customs rock !
    Happy Holidays and Best of the new year to all ! I’ll be waiting for the “Best Bar Fight” contest !

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