Prince Fielder still doesn’t have a place to call home.  Pujols does, Beurhle does, Wilson does, and so does Reyes, but not Fielder.  Fielder is the best free agent on the market, better than Pujols and Reyes.  Yup I said it and now I am going to back it up. It’s crazy that not one team wants him. For the team that does pony up the 3 years / 50-60 million dollar deal, they are going to get an absolute monster.

Until you have seen him play you have no idea of how good the guy is.  He is an asset in the clubhouse since he keeps the guys loose, plus he is a game changer.  Both Reyes and Pujols have had injury issues.  Pujols who is now 30 has 2-3 years left at his peak then it’s all down hill.  Some experts have already gone on record saying that the slide has already happened.

Reyes, is very good defensively and a great top of the lineup guy.  He is not however a game changer.  He is not going to hit that elusive walk off home run, although he can score from 2nd when he needs to.  If the Marlins were smart they would go after Fielder and take home the NL East for the next 3 years.

Here is what you get from Fielder, he is 27 years old, a career 0.282 hitter, who hit 0.299/38/120 and 95 runs last year and that is his AVERAGE season.  Now throw in his 107 walks and the fact he has been cutting down on strikeouts and you’ll see he is something special in the heart of that lineup.  Do you think Ryan Braun would hit the way he has without Fielder in the lineup? Plus he plays damn near every game and has done so for the plast 5 years.  Did I mention that he is only 27 and is just entering his peak years?

You can say all you want about his weight, but the truth is that his pops was chubby too and still crushed homers well into his 30s.  He will more than likely finish his career with over 500 homers and whoever gets him is going to get one hell of a motivated player over these next 3 years.  After the way he was treated this off season, he is going to mean business when it comes to hitting next year.

Still though, not only does he not get the respect he deserves with respect to limited offers, but his card values are also among the lowest for current superstars.  Recently I picked up an autographed + patch card for $12 with free shipping. Actually over the course of his career I’ve gotten about 10 of his autographed cards and not a single one cost more than $20.  He is a buy if I ever saw one and he is going to make a lot of teams pay for passing on him this off season.


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  1. Paul says:

    I suspect that Fielder would have interest from multiple teams if he decided to accept a short-term contract. But as long as his agent clings to the idea of getting a contract for 6-10 years, Fielder is going to remain unemployed. Too many teams remember Mo Vaughn.

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