This isn’t a post about cards, but its a question I pose to my readers, you were the Colts and were going to draft a QB would you pick:

Andrew Luck


Robert Griffin III

Apparently it’s a hot button issue right now.  If it were me, there is no way I’m not drafting Andrew Luck.  I see Griffin as a Michael Vick, flashy and could be a game changer but you have to worry about him leaving the pocket and getting creamed.  I really see Luck as another Manning, maybe a hybrid Manning / Brady.

Here is my reasoning Luck has the pinpoint accuracy of Tom Brady and the field smarts of Peyton Manning.  He can’t call his own plays on the field yet, but I think the Colts would be unbelievably dumb not to take Luck.  You might very well have two amazing players, but I’m telling you now, Luck is on another level, a once every 10 years kind of player.

I’m just curious what you guys think and why?


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  1. Ryan LaMonica says:

    What do I really wish for? I wish my Irish could draft RGIII with 4 more years of college eligibility…..our QB situation is really hurting the program.

    A-hem….but since we’re in reality – I agree with you. RGIII would probably bring a lot of excitement but in the end, it’s business and the COlts are in the business of winning. I see a lot more W’s stemming from building another dynasty in Indianapolis around Andrew Luck. But I would tune in to watch Cam Newton battle Robert Griffin any day!

  2. Mike D says:

    Cam Newton can’t battle Robert Griffin III, they are never on the same field at the same time. And Notre Dame’s problems are not just the QB position. If it were just a QB problem, ND would have lost more than five games.
    I digress – I think the Colts will wind up with Luck, but I cannot believe for a second that simply plugging him into the lineup will fix their problems. I think RGIII will have a better immediate impact, but will likely go the route of Tebow and look really good for spells, but not be able to Nintendo his way out of trouble after a few weeks.
    RG3 could end up being a running back before its all said and done. I think Luck could end up in the playing mold of Roethlisberger or Brees – very accurate and reliable but better have playmakers around him because he isn’t going to run for a lot of yards.

    • Ryan LaMonica says:

      You’re right – two QBs can’t physically battle each other, MikeD. I was alluding to a potential back-and-forth, offensive free-for-all game somewhere down the road. I think you’re spot-on in your comment that RGIII will not have an immediate impact. The “big stage” is its own beast and he better have the supporting cast you mention as well.

      And yes……Notre Dame needs to address some issues outside of their play caller (personally, I would start with special teams: 3 punt return yards on the seasons – BIG palm to the forehead on that one! Then there’s the WRs with Floyd moving on….the list is long) but I would say identifying a program-building QB1 is priority #1. I am hoping they give the reigns to Everett Golson. This kid is a tremendous athlete and, dare I say, could actually be a dual threat? Plus, he won’t look like a 12 year old who wanted to dress up l ike a ND QB for halloween (sorry, Tommy Rees. You’re a scrapper but it’s true).

      All indications are that he has survived the freshman academic shock, gotten over a little case of home sickness and absorbed some of Kelly’s playbook. And you can’t go wrong with a little coincidence that he’s a Palmetto State product. Why? The last Irish QB from South Carolina was pretty much Notre Dame’s last true champion: Tony Rice. Here’s hoping!

  3. kettleart23 says:

    They will go with Luck, Manning has like 28 mill coming to him if hes still on the team come march- id think both sides will be cool and let manning retire or go somewhere else-

  4. blevins26 says:

    Assuming that Peyton’s injury puts his continued performance in question, I go with Luck.

    I do, however, think that IF Peyton is healthy (or if they think he is healthy) then they should stick with him. Here’s why:

    -He’s an ELITE QB when healthy and gives you the best chance to win during the next 4 years. The NFL is a ‘win now’ league.

    -There are no “can’t miss” prospects. In fact, the more “can’t miss” a guy is, usually the bigger bust he turns out to be (see: Tony Mandarich, Ryan Leaf)

    -They can trade the #1 pick for 3-5 additional draft picks. These players will not only help Peyton as he finishes his career, but hopefully build a foundation for the future. For example, imagine using 2 of those high picks to get 2 outstanding offensive lineman who not only will protect Peyton but who will be veterans in 5 years and ready to protect the next QB.

    Only the Colts’ brass can know Peyton’s health status (or do they?). If he’s not ready to go, then of course you draft Luck, but if he’s on track to be back and healthy then I say you have what everyone wants–a premier QB. Don’t throw that away for an unproven rookie, no matter how highly touted he is. It’s bad business.

  5. hiflew says:

    Andrew Luck without a doubt. I would actually take Landry Jones out of Oklahoma ahead of RG3 as well. I think Griffin may end up a good QB, but Luck has all-time great potential and I think Jones well end up with a much better career than Griffin.

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