Originally I was going to call this a list of one hit wonders, but then I thought about it and I think I’m going to call this the list of next year’s players that are going to let you down.  I’ll break it down by position:


  • Josh Freeman – You saw it start last year. This year though was more of an affirmation.  He needs to see the field better and read the complex defenses.  His main problem is the accuracy issues and his inability to see corners in the zone coverage.  He will enter 2012 in a QB battle with Josh Johnson and he will be pushed.
  • Mark Sanchez – Could be the typical sophomore slump that we sometimes see, but he seems lazy to me.  Not only that, but he also doesn’t seem like the leader this team needs.  He is so very talented and I just don’t understand why he has so much trouble putting it all together.  Honestly he is a guy that needs a new team.
  • Tavaris Jackson – He’s on my favorite team and I’d like to say that he’s turned the corner, but he hasn’t.  He just isn’t a NFL starting quarterback.  A good backup for certain, and a good game manager but not a starter.  I can’t imagine that the Seahawks won’t draft a new quarterback or bring in another QB to challenge for the 2012 job.  I can see Nick Foles or Steve Tannehill starting for the Hawks next season.
  • Colt McCoy – He’s lost the team and defenses have figured him out as a starter.  He is a very serviceable back-up but like Jackson, just not a starter.  RG III might very be the Cleveland 2012 starter.
  • Matt Moore – Here’s a perfect example of a career back-up thrust into the starter spotlight.  He is just a place holder for the next Dolphins experiment at QB.


  • Michael Turner – He had an amazing season, but he is turning 30 and as he saw in LT, it’s like a brick wall for running backs.
  • Reggie Bush – I think the 1000+ yard season is an aberration.  I honestly don’t see him being able to repeat it.
  • Felix Jones – Say hello to 2012 breakout star DeMarco Murray.
  • CJ Spiller – He is going to have to unseat Fred Jackson, he hasn’t so far and probably won’t.
  • Ryan Grant – He’s never been a ++ running back and probably will never be one.


  • Darrius Heyward-Bay – He was a reach when he was drafted, never ever lived up to expectations.  Needs some stability at coach and quarterback.  I don’t see that happening next season and his window is closing fast.
  • Percy Harvin – I just don’t get it, he should be a star in this league!  Was both McNabb and Ponder really that bad? I just don’t see his numbers improving.
  • Anquan Boldin – He slipped this year and next it will be more of the same.  He just isn’t a 1000 yard receiver anymore.
  • Mike Williams – 2010 was probably a one hit wonder and I am not sure if he will ever get back to that level again, more than likely he won’t.

So did I stretch on any of these guys? Or did I miss anyone?


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  1. Mike D says:

    I think you could write a column aside from the busts just of former Notre Dame and USC high draft picks that have eventually become duds. Gods on campus, paupers in the NFL.
    Mark Sanchez, Matt Cassel, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Taylor Mays, Mike Williams, Steve Smith, Joe McKnight, etc. from USC (I’m looking at skill players, not really OL/DL). Yeah I understand Troy Polamolu, Clay Matthews and even Brian Cushing (when not suspended) have been good ones for SC.
    For ND – Brady Quinn, Ryan Grant, Armando Allen, Kyle Rudolph, Golden Tate, etc. are just a few off the top of my head.
    One aside from your list that comes to mind is Shonn Greene. A lot of NY hype, not a lot of production. I could also see Jamaal Charles not come back strong from that knee injury when he was a top-five fantasy pick last year. Also, look for Miles Austin and Laurent Robinson decline next year.

    • Adam Smith says:

      Add in Carson Palmer, Lofa Tatupu, Rey Maualuga and some OL and DL players from USC and there have been more hits than busts. I would argue that Steve Smith has done pretty well in his career, he was derailed by a pretty nasty injury but I bet he comes on strong. Fred Davis is a real good TE. It is hard to call a guy who never played and was a back up in Cassel a bust in the pros. To be fair and attempt to be objective, you did leave out LenDale White who ate himself out of the league after a couple pretty good seasons.

  2. Brad P. says:

    I think Percy Harvin and Mike Williams suffered from mediocre to poor QB play. I think that both clearly have the skill to be superstars in the league, but need better players pulling the trigger from under center. Ponder and Freeman have the tools to get there some day, but that clearly didn’t happen in 2011.

    Imagine Williams playing for NO, GB or even the Giants. I’m a Vikings fan, but imagine Harvin in NE with Brady at the helm. You’d clearly see better production in those cases.

  3. hiflew says:

    I think you might be a little hard on Matt Moore. His winning did two things. First, it showed that he has what it takes to be a successful NFL quarterback. Second and more importantly, all the wins pushed the Dolphins down in the draft too far to get Luck or RG3. That should give him one more season to prove himself.

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