As a Yankees fan, I was wondering what the Yankees were going to be doing with the glut of catching prospects they have.  Turns out they decided on trading their best one, Jesus Montero.  Normally I would be pissed at this kind of deal, but not when the result is getting a power pitcher like Michael Pineda.  What is going to be very interesting is what happens to this card:

This is the got to have it card from the 2012 Topps flagship card that Topps has been marketing ever since November.  Topps desperately needs a new “It” boy for 2012 and I think they were secretly hoping that it wouldn’t be a Yankee and they were really hoping it would be Pineda.  So how does this help the two teams?  For the Yankees it’s obvious, they need pitching help and this definitely helps bolster their starting rotation. They have Sabathia as one, now Pineda at two, Nova at three, Burnette at four and Hughes at five.

For the Mariners, they need a catcher that they can count on for the next decade.  Montero seems like the real deal.  He has had back to back solid seasons in the minors and has also had a nice display in his short stint in the majors.  He is going to have Miguel Olivo power, but should also hit for average. Oh and what about this card from Topps:

So in the end it reminds me of the Josh Hamilton for Edinson Volquez.  I’m just hoping that for Yankee fans, Michael Pineda gives the Yankees more than Volquez has given the Reds.  For Montero, I think life is going to be a little easier now that he doesn’t have to play under the NYC media microscope.  Either way Topps has to update (or photoshop) some cards in a hurry!


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  1. Justin says:

    Volquez is now a Padre.

  2. Brian B says:

    As a Yankee diehard for all of my 45 years, I just love the trade. We needed a young quality arm, and Montero never a great defensive catcher has been lined up to trade for years. Even entering this season, Montero would have gotten 3/4 of his playing at DH, not ideal for a young kid. I have read many on Facebook Yankee boards who hate this trade, Im not one of them, I love it, and if the Yankees need a bat, you can always buy 1, starting pitching is much harder to get

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