So I got a nice surprise this weekend, In the Game was nice enough to send out a preview box of Enforcers to review.  Instead of blowing it all out in one post, I am going to review it card by card because for this set, every card tells a cool story.  Here is the breakdown of the box ($63.99 at Blowoutcards):

12 cards:

5 autographed cards

2 game used cards

5 non – autograph / game used cards

I have to tell you that before I even begin this review I have high hopes for this set.  I have been ready for this set since early December when it was announced.  Here is the first cards in the box:

Dave Semenko

This was one of the cards I was hoping to get.  I consider Dave Semenko one of the most important players in NHL history, because without him, there is NO WAY Gretzky has the start to his career as he had.  He was Gretzky’s first on – ice bodyguard in both the WHA and then the NHL before finally being traded to Hartford.  To give you an idea of how good a fighter he was, imagine this, he actually sparred with Muhammad Ali in 1983.

My thoughts on the card is . . .brilliant!  I love the band-aid and the fact that where the autograph is, is raised from the rest of the card, like a real bandage.  I do like the blood spots on the card, even though I know that it was panned by the New York Times in December.  I just really like the flow of the card and even though they don’t have the NHL license, you don’t need it with that shot, you know it’s of the Edmonton Oilers.  All cards will be given away after all the cards are reviewed.

Do you like or dislike?  Are you a fan of Semenko?


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  1. Great start to the box—-I also love the band-aid auto–shows you the little touches ITG thinks about–by the time Semenko got to my Leafs, he was done but his years with the Oilers made them what they were—can’t wait to see t he rest

  2. Mike D says:

    I’m not a big all-around hockey fan or really of Semenko, but that is just a brilliant card. The concept is superb, the raised band-aid is an outstanding idea, and while the blood is a bit much, it’s still effective. And for what it’s worth, the autograph from Semenko is really sharp with a number to boot.
    I think this card is a high-A ranger. Wonderful pull from the product!

  3. Scott says:

    Out of the 4 major sports I feel like I know the least about the history of Hockey. However, this is a great looking set that I think I’m going to have to get a box of and break my no Hockey rule this year (Thrashers Fan, still bitter). Looking forward to seeing the rest of the box.

  4. RIF says:

    He was one of those guys you hated when he was on the other team but would love to have on yours. Flyers fans called him Cement head but we could respect him. Great looking card and I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

  5. Mike Webs says:

    lol it says semen in his last name

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