Joey Kocur

Joey Kocur was one half of the “Bruise Brothers” with Bob Probert.  Between the two of them no one messed with Steve Yzerman.  Kocur was known for one of the most devastating rights in hockey history.  In an interview Donald Brasheer once described how Kocur cracked his helmet with his punches; though his helmet absorbed most of the blow, he still felt serious pain in his gums even on the other side of his face, leaving him unable to eat for a day or so.  He also had been known for hitting opponents so hard that he fractured bones.

He retired with 2519 penalty minutes over the course of 15 seasons.  He also has 3 Stanley Cup rings (a fourth if you count as a video coach for Detroit in 2002).  His autograph sells for about $7 – 10 on eBay as he will always be a fan favorite of Red Wings fans as a Member of the “Grind Line” with Kris Draper and Kurt Malby.

Once again, when all the cards have been displayed I will be giving all of these cards away.

Got any Joey Kocur stories?


4 responses »

  1. RIF says:

    He was another guy who you hated but would love to have on your team.

  2. chas059 says:

    Being that i live in the suburbs of Detroit and a rabid wings fan , i loved having guys like him and probert on our team.

  3. Bill says:

    I loved having him on a team in the NHL video games….

  4. As a Leaf fan, I always wondered whether there would be a bout with Wendel–his cousin-never happened but there was anticipation–Barry Melrose was another cousin–liking the concept but now that I’ve seen these two, I think the photo should be more of an action type –something like this

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