Dave Brown

As many of you know I grew up in NJ in a little town called Middletown.  It’s located on the shore about 15 minutes north of Asbury Park.  When it comes to hockey, you could root for three teams the Devils, Rangers and Flyers.  I was always a Devils fan, but so many of my friends became hockey fans before NJ even had a team, so really you were either a Flyers fan or a Rangers fan.  Yes the Islanders were around but no one liked them.  Around the time I became a big hockey fan the Flyer – Ranger rivalry was going strong.  Nothing fanned the flames more than in 1987 when Brown checked Tomas Sandstrom in the face and broke the guy’s jaw.  It was so malicious, that the NHL levied a 15 game suspension, the stiffest penalty ever given for a check. Brown never regretted it for a second, here is the video (it’s brutal):

As you might have guessed the Flyer fans had a lot to say about the check the next day and lots of arguments ensued.  Monmouth county is pretty well known for it’s passionate hockey fans, just watch any Kevin Smith film (from nearby Leonardo).  Anyhow from that point forward, I was always pumped to watch enforcers in action.  Brown may have not piled on the penalty minutes like some other well known enforcers, but if your team was playing the Flyers you hated him with a passion that night.

His autographs run about $10 on eBay, mainly because of his time spent in Philly and how passionate their fans are about any Bully that plays on Broad St.  Fun fact for Dave Brown, was that in the 1982-83 season, Brown recorded 418 PIM in just 71 games.  That’s nearly 6 minutes A GAME! Given that he only probably logged about 18 minutes a game, that some serious time logged in the sin bin.

Got any good Dave Brown Stories? What’s your take on landing a Dave Brown autographed card?


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  1. I did get a Dave Brown signed wire photo TTM–its a fight photo so you gotta love that–at the time he played, the company I was working for had a hockey team and the company colours were orange, white and black–I asked for and got number 21 in his honour–his graph here looks like he took too many to the head–loving this post–keep them coming

  2. RIF says:

    The Flyers JVR is from New Jersey and grew up a Ranger fan. I am a HUGE Flyers fan but that hit on Sandstrom was brutal. I much rather like the beating Dave Schultz put on Dale Rolfe in the 1974 playoffs that took the wind out of the Rangers sails and showed what a big fight can do for a teams psyche. Brown was pretty much a goon and not an enforcer. Enforcers have to be able to play as well as fight. Clark Gillies, Barry Beck and even Schultz could score and kick the crap out of you.

    • chemgod says:

      JVR grew up in the same town as me, although he went to the private school where as I was a public school guy (can’t you tell from my typos?). I have a TTM from him that I got while he was still at college.

  3. Brian B says:

    I gotta say, I dont think any of us have ever been a fan of sticker autographs on cards, but I for 1, love the look of the autographed band aid. It appears to be an oncard autograph?? Either way, a great idea, an enforcer autograph on a band aid, LOVE IT!!!!!

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