NOTE: Tomorrow is the street date for In the Game’s Enforcers release. As of today I believe Blowoutcards is selling it for $65.

Marty McSorley

One of the best looking autographs in hockey history

We go from the first Wayne Gretzky body guard to his second one in Marty McSorley.  McSorly started out his career in Pittsburgh in the early 80s before being shipped off to Edmonton.  However it wasn’t until he was traded along with Gretzky to the Kings where he really made his mark on the NHL.  I remember my friends hated him so much they nicknamed him Marty McDouchebag, truth is though if he was on your team, you had to love the guy.  He would go to the ends of the earth to protect Gretzky and allowed the Great One to have some terrific seasons in LA.  In the 1993-94 season he was traded to the Penguins and although it was only for part of one season before he ended up back with the Kings he was not as effective.

One of his main rivalries (and he had many) was Donald Brasheer (go figure right?), although there are a lot of videos featuring the two of them going at it, this one is one of my favorites, mainly because Brasheer gets leveled, but also because of the tussle afterwards:

On a side note, McSorley actually has an IMDB page. On it you will see he was a henchman in Bad Boys and a co-pilot in Con Air.  He also has one of the worst blogs known to man (his official webpage).  I am still scratching my head trying to figure out what he is selling here.  I figured it was the two jersey card but he says its available in small, medium, large and extra large.  Seriously though, if you head onto eBay you will see his autographs go for about $7-$14, so again it’s a nice hit from what is turning out to be a very solid box!

Marty McSorley . . . love him or hate him? His website, could it be more awkward?


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  1. The website is pretty basic–and pretty bad. I did get his auto IP when they opened a new rink here in Brantford. He was pretty good signing for a girls hockey team that was playing there. Along with the other hound I saw there. Fairly engaging guy.

  2. RIF says:

    He was a cheap shot goon who turtled against most enforcers. A real pos in my opinion.

  3. Mike D says:

    When I think of high profile enforcers, McSorley is right at the top of the list. The Braeshear incident was certainly one of the more ugly, highly publicized black eyes for the NHL. I remember first watching Blackhawks hockey at my grandpas house in the late 80s (he had Chicago channels, we didn’t) and hearing about McSorley. I wanted Chicago to have an elite goon like him! Turns out they had several!!! 🙂
    I would LOVE to be in the sweepstakes for the McSorley card!

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