Terry Ruskowski

I have to admit after seeing this autograph, I had to scratch my head.  Terry played a little before my time so I never really knew him as a player.  He played the prime of his career for the WHA with Houston and Winnepeg.  In the WHA he was not only a very physical player but also a very solid contributor, amassing over 70 points in 3 of this 6 WHA seasons.  Once he shifted over to the NHL he was asked to be even more of a physical player.  He is still the only player in hockey history to be named captain of four teams (Aeros, Blackhawks, Kings and Penguins).

After his playing career was over he moved on to becoming a coach, first for Laredo then Rio Grande Valley both of the CHL.  He has been a very successful coach and a big part of both communities that he has coached in.  I found a good video of him as an enforcer in the NHL, this particular one was versus a very young Marty McSorley:

His autographs seem to be popular on eBay right now.  It looks like most of his autographs are falling around the $5 – $7 range.  I’ve seen a couple of these cards on eBay right now and all of them are being bidded on.  Of the five autographs in the box, this is the one I am least impressed with.  However 4 out of 5 autographs were awesome! So far the box is a four out of five stars in my book.  Tomorrow starts the review of the relic cards.


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  1. I was waiting with anticipation to see who the next enforcer was–Terry Ruskowski??? Yeah, scratching my head too. Don’t really think of him as an enforcer but…….

  2. RIF says:

    This guy was a real leader like a Clarke or more like Dale Hunter. He was an enforcer but mostly a gritty player who hustled and worked harder than anybody else. He is not what I think about when someone says “enforcer” but he would always stand up for team mates.

  3. Mike D says:

    I wonder what the criteria is for choosing the enforcers. I don’t doubt Ruskowski was a brute, but is there a PIM requirement, five-minute major standard, a guy on the ITG panel who saw him brawl more than once?
    Just a thought, because I’ve never heard of Ruskowski either. But he does have a good 70s stache.

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