Wendel Clark

Clark is considered one of the toughest guys in hockey in the 1980s and 1990s.  He left his mark on the game as a Toronto Maple Leaf and although he isn’t one of the top PIM guys, there was no avoiding him on the ice.  He had a very rough and tumble demeanor and could change the momentum of the game with one of his patented checks.  Not only was he a brute when he played, but he also could score.  He was four goals shy of the 50 goal club during the 1993-94 season.

In an time when goons were supposed to be just that, Clark was kind of a renaissance man.  I mean we are talking about a 2000+ PIM and 700+ point guy.  He also is a member of the first family of enforcers, his brother had almost 3000 PIM io his minor league career and his cousin Joey Kocur racked up over 2500 PIMs.  He is also the cousin of Barry Melrose.  At one point in their careers all three played for the Red Wings although Melrose and Clark didn’t play at the same time.

As for the game used, it’s very bland and white to boot.  I like the card design but when you get a plain white jersey it does take away from the card.  In my opinion, they should have gone with the blue jersey.  That being said, Clark is a big draw on eBay and even the white jersey cards have been known to go for $5.  So far with the box I really am impressed as this just went from 3.5 stars out of 5 to a solid 4.0 stars.

Below is possibly one of the biggest hits in hockey history, never ever skate with your head down!

What do you remember best about Wendel Clark? Is this card good or bad?


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  1. As a Leaf fan, I just remember Wendel shoiwng up each and every game—2 colour blue/white patch would have been great

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