I was trying on coming up with a new custom cut design.  I had always wanted to do one using a tobacco brand so I created my own brand, Killer Bee Tobacco.  Then I had to come up with a bold but simple design for the card, here is what I came up with:

I’m sure there will be people that don’t like it and that is OK, but overall I think it’s a fun way to make a tobacco cut.


3 responses »

  1. Those are awesome. I love the killer bee logo too! Well done sir.

  2. XXHOODLUMXX says:

    Well played Mauer.. well played… I like it

  3. jay says:

    Love the Bee too ! Some may find this strange….When I looked at the Joe Paterno cut card the first thought that ran thru my mind was Jerry Sandusky …
    Why was a “Convict Cut Card” with O.J. Simpson and Jerry Sandusky the second thing that ran thru my mind ?
    OK , so I wont bee the “go to guy” for new ideas at Bad Wax.

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