I am doing this post specifically for bobbum because he (or she) feels that I post too much hockey.  Even though I’ve only posted like 10 posts about hockey of the past two months, apparently that is too much hockey for bobbum, MY BAD.

Now that I’ve addressed his (or her) concerns I can focus on the real reason for this post that got wiped out last night.  First, Scott Boras is awesome.  How he can generate a 200+ million dollar contract for a player with absolutely no other suitors is beyond me.  The only ace he had in his pocket was a $20 million, one year contract from Milwaukee.  Have the Tigers ever heard of bargaining? They didn’t really have to give him 9 years or $23.5 million a season.  I think and this is just me snowballing that Dombrowski could have negotiated a 5 year $100 contract with ease.  Of course nothing is easy when Mike Illitch gets involved.

Illitch got to see Fielder as an 12 year old, blasting out homers in batting practice at old Tiger Stadium and has wanted him on the team since.  When Victor Martinez went down with injury, it was just a natural to bring him home to Detroit (he grew up in nearby Grosse Pointe).  So how is this going to work with two of the top first basemen in the league on your team?  I am assuming since Prince is a mountain with arms (5’11”, 275lbs.) and not really know for his defensive ability, he will spend some serious time DHing.  However, can you see him as a DH (as a 27 year old mind you) for the rest of his career?  In one way, it’s not a bad idea, minimizing any injuries that can occur, while allowing him to completely focus on hitting (which he is quite good at).  On the other hand, are you wasting his talent (as defensively unsure as he is) by having him sit on the bench when your team is in the field?

I’m sure that Both he and Cabrerra will both be splitting 1B and DH duties, but it does make you wonder what is in store for Cabrerra (maybe a move back to third base).  Ironically, both men have serious eating issues (they love to eat that is), so what happens as they get older and their body breaks down because of the excess weight.  Name me the last 250lb + guy (hitter now, we know there are a ton of fat pitchers), that played exceedingly well into their mid – 30s? I can think of maybe two, Gwynn and Puckett, although I can’t be sure of their weight.

The Tigers should be in good shape though (round is a shape right? I kill myself sometimes) as from their 3 and 4 hitters they could be looking at 0.285 combined average with 75-80 homers and nearly 200 runs batted in.  Also there has only been one other time when one team had two hitters with over 200 career home runs who were both under 30. Oddly enough it was in Milwaukee with Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron.  So on the plus side I think that Detroit has locked up the AL Central for the next 5 years and maybe that is worth dropping $24 million a year annually for the next 9 years, but the big question is, can Fielder live up to the contract?

I think he can, at least for the first 6 years and really that’s all that’s important from this deal.  He should end up with over 500 homers for his career and more than likely that will be accomplished as a Tiger. As far as his cards go they run anywhere from $25-$45 signed and for a player with a contract over $200 total that is a pittance (see Ryan Howard, Pujols, and A-Rod).  His stuff has always sold for cheaper than it should mainly because his teammate, the Hebrew Injector Ryan Braun (I can say that cause I’m Jewish) has gotten more attention and has more valuable cards.  He is a must buy right now.  I don’t know if he will ever hit 50 homers again, but it’s going to be fun watching him try to do it as a Tiger, just like his old man used to.


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  1. bobbum says:

    Dont blame it on WordPress, its just your shitty website and a shitty job. Maybe if you didnt write about hockey so much this shit wouldnt happen.

  2. Mike D says:

    And here you are, Bobbum, reading his website and spending time commenting on it. Kudos, idiot.
    Fielder and Cabrera will likely be doing the tango on 1B and DH. In all likelihood, Cabrera will be moving around more, but began his career as a shortstop and has played 3B before, as well, so transitioning him is the more likely choice. It didn’t really trigger right away that Prince’s daddy is a Tigers legend, and that the franchise was bidding against itself. But that has happened before with teams (Re: Cubs and Alfonso Soriano). I would imagine the AL Central should be very competitive if the Sox and Indians continue to produce, and don’t sleep on the Royals if their prospect line continues to be strong. But getting Verlander twice in a five-game series or three times in a seven-gamer is serious insurance.

  3. XXHOODLUMXX says:

    HAHAHA That was funny…. The fat jokes that is…

  4. blueshorse says:

    I read Cabrera is moving to 3rd base.Replacing Brandon Inge. I believe Cabreras bulkiness will hinder his performance at third.Allowing base hits that wouldnt have been if Inge had been on third. Inge hasnt been a great hitter ,in fact he has been a .200 hitter but he did have quite a few clutch hits when they were needed.
    Fielder should produce home runs for the club but those home runs will not be as crucial as the runs scored against Detroit from having a “beachball” at third base.
    Detroits big acquisition isnt going to pay off as they hope.
    Felder’s home runs versus the extra base hits past Cabrera will cost Detroit much more than those Fielder home runs are worth.

    Prediction: Prince Fielder will suffer a career ending injury by 2014 From tripping over his baggy pants rounding first base and soon thereafter enter competitive eating.
    The summer of 2015 Fielder will eat Kobiashi at Nathans!
    If Bad Wax keeps writing so much about hockey .I’m going to act even more the fool and post some really really silly shit here. Oh, sorry… Bad Wax already has a stooge for that.

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