I don’t often veer off the subject of cards on this blog, but I just finished watching the series finale of Chuck and I have to say that it could have been the best finale I have ever seen.  There are so many ways that they could have ended the series, so many cliche endings, but they didn’t they went full tilt into what has made the show what it was, simply brilliant.  If you have not watched the finale, don’t read further this will ruin it for you.

I started watching Chuck from the very first episode and was immediately hooked.  Not so much for the content itself, which was ok, but for the way the characters interlocked together.  The writing and the casting were perfect.  There was no way a show like this could have worked unless everyone bonded and that bond could be seen and felt on the screen.

The show was on the chopping block for many years, in fact after year two most media outlets were calling the final episode the series finale.  To top it off it seemed like a great place to end the episode, no cliffhanger and everything was wrapped up.  Then a curious thing happened where the fans (Chuck Fandom) rallied together and saved the show from extinction.  The show then continued for three more years, leaving us fans with cliffhanger after cliffhanger.  The show and the characters took on a life of itself forever evolving.

So when it was announced that this would be it’s last season, most fans of the show including myself were ok with it.  Strangely enough the story had unfolded perfectly right before our eyes.  The entire relationship of Chuck and Sarah had us invested enough to let us know how it would end.  Then the writers did the unthinkable, removed Sarah’s memory which crushed Chuck.  The two actors Zac Levi and Yvonne Strahovski acted better in the final two episodes then the entire series run and that says a lot.  I have read in more than one review of the final two episodes, what I thought, for a fan of the show, there shouldn’t have been a dry eye in the house. Myself included.

There will be other geek chic shows, and some will go on to have the success that Chuck had if not even more success.  However, right now I have to say that this was the best series finale I have seen since another recently ended show Rescue Me.  I’m sure that I will might feel the same way about Fringe when it ends, but I doubt it.  For my money Chuck was about as perfect a series as you can have.  Great beginig, solid season finales and an emotionally gut wrenching finale.  It might be a very long time before we get to see a series like this again. Goodbye Chuck and Sarah this one fan will miss your show.


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  1. RIF says:

    I watched it a few times because Sarah is HOT!

  2. twang says:

    I agree. The Finale was amazing. Watched it twice and was on the verge of tears both times

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