I was driving into work this morning and heard about Sidney Crosby’s soft tissue damage in his neck that may have caused concussion like syndromes.  Immediately my thought went to Peyton Manning who is going through something very similar.  From what I read about Crosby’s injury, it is treatable, but can he really play the same type of game and not expect to permanently injure himself, perhaps with something even more horrific?  The kind of injury we are talking about here, used to be a career ender.

Collectors have definitely taken notice as many of Sidney’s better autographed cards like 2005-06 The Cup auto / patch cards have felt the effects.  At one time those cards couldn’t be touched for under $5K, more like $7-8K now the best grades are fetching $3K and most others are around $1000 – $1500.  To campare it with Alexander Ovechkin’s autograph for the Cup set is still running in the $8K-12K range.  It’s not just his higher end cards.  His low end autographed cards are now hovering in the $50 – $60 range.

That is a huge drop from the previous levels of $200 – 250.  Although it would be difficult to believe his cards taking another hit, I still think they haven’t hit rock bottom yet.  Not only that, but it still doesn’t change what kind of player he was.  He was still very dominating when he played.  I think even if his card prices tumble, in the long run they will climb and hold value.  Without a doubt this is buy time for Crosby cards.  Even in the 8 games he played this season he had 12 points and a plus – minus of 7.  He has had over 100 points in 4 of his first five seasons and was headed for another 100 point season when his concussion hit.

Personally, after watching Marc Savard’s career end with a concussion and how it has even taken the lives of some NHL players due to suicide, I just can’t see the reward to the risk.  Crosby has already earned enough money for a lifetime and even if he never plays again, his appearance fees are enough to get him through the next 50 years.  Maybe I’m over reacting, but I really don’t see this ending well if he continues to play.

What do you think about Sid the Kid?


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  1. Scott says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Crosby, in fact I still call him Cindy, but I’d hate to see his career end like this.

  2. adolf says:


  3. Johnny says:

    I still see idiots asking huge prices for Sidney Crosby’s autograph on Ebay with absolutely no takers for that outrageous price.

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