I saw this over the news wire:

Oden Undergoes Knee Procedure

I can’t even imagine what is going through not only his mind, but his agent’s and the GM of the Trailblazers.  This is going to be his fourth knee operation in as many years for him.  The Blazers were going to offer him 9.5 million for this season.  That was until they found out that he was having knee problems again.  The offer dropped down to 1.5 million which of course he took because there was no other offer that was going to come to him.

Oden hasn’t played in over two years and it looks like you might as well chalk it up to three after this operation is complete.  With him not having a contract after this season is over, I just can’t see any team taking a chance on him so he can sit out another season.  No instead I think his brief career is over as sad as that seems.  If his career does end it’s going to look pretty sad.  The number 1 overall pick in the draft done after 82 career games.  A season and two games . . . that is just sad.

Seriously though I don’t think anyone could have seen this coming.  I mean, yes, he did run into some in juries in college, but I don’t think anyone expected it to be this bad.  Before you say he’s a 7 footer, they all have bad knees, that might be true, but there have been a lot of number one overall choices that were big men and didn’t run into this kind of trouble injury wise.  What makes me really sad though is even healthy, he wasn’t the same player after that micro-facture surgery and it never really looked like he was going to ever achieve what was expected from him.

Big things were expected too, just take a look at his signed rookie cards.  They were once one of the hottest cards on the market.  Now his rookie card autographs are selling for a mere $10 on the bay of E.  These were the same cards that were going for $150 – 200 back in 2007.  Now they are “deal cards” at the card shows.  Makes me kind of feel bad for the guy.  He will go down as the second worst overall pick (thanks to Bias dying), still I just wish he didn’t run into all of these issues.  You never want tosee a career end before it really even got started.

What do you think of Greg Oden?


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  1. chuckneo says:

    I agree, its sad. From all accounts he’sa real good guy too.

  2. Corky says:

    I think we can put this one in the books as another blown high draft pick by the Trail Blazers. Not as bad as the Jordan fiasco but picking Oden over Durant (barring some miraculous return by Oden and a suprise Championship run) is coming up in a close second place for dumb-ass moves by the Blazer brass.

  3. realist says:

    We will be supporting him on welfare in 10 years after he jamarcus russel’s all his money

    • Adam says:

      You’re a fucking racist moron. You have no idea what he’s gonna do with his money or what he’s done with the money he’s already made. You also have no idea what other skills he might have, he could be an employable guy. There’s so much you don’t know. Fuck off and go die somewhere, and make the world a better place.

  4. Mike D says:

    I was able to watch Oden play in high school and the guy was just amazing. With Mike Conley (also an NBA player) on his team at Lawrence North, and guys like Josh McRoberts and Eric Gordon also in the same conference, that provided some of the best non-AAU high school level basketball in the state. I really thought Oden could mirror a career like David Robinson had if he could have gotten into a good scenario. It is very unfortunate to see knee injuries cutting his career short, by all accounts Oden was a good kid who wanted to do the right things.

  5. It was exactly one NBA season because a season is 82 games. Len Bias was the second overall pick also so Oden has the title of biggest bust for a number one pick.

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