I have not been online to update or even approve comments for the past three days, because I have been without internet.  I want to thank Time Warner Cable (TWC) for this time to sit and reflect since Saturday at 4pm.  You see I had cable but decided to drop it in favor of Hulu plus.  Apparently the technician who came over, read the ticket wrong and everything got cancelled.  Since Saturday night I’ve been trying to get them to come over and fix the problem.

As you guessed it (since I am writing this not at my house), they have not.  They were supposed to come on Sunday, but the area Manager decided to cancel my service call. I didn’t know this until 4pm Monday because origianlly if they weren’t coming Sunday they were to come on Monday 2pm-4pm.  I waited until 4:01 to call and found out, yet again, my service request was cancelled.  I asked them if they could send someone out last night, they said sure, in the next hour.  Waited the hour, no one came, so I called back again.  Found out that they cancelled my service call again!

So I’ve been promised that today at 2pm I should get another service call, however I feel like that may or may not happen.  If it does, you will get a post from me tonight.  If not, I’ll probably be ranting again!


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  1. XXHOODLUMXX says:

    Direct TV ftw…..

  2. bobbum says:

    Wow, great blog you have! You have over 1,000,000 hits and still doing this stuff. Instead of bitching about how or why you cant make your updates people just so much enjoy, why dont you just actually put an update up or a post!

  3. twcable help says:

    Hello– I apologize for the issues you have been having with our service. I’d be happy to follow up on this for you. Would you either email us at twcable.help@twcable.com, or tweet us directly @TWCableHelp. Thanks- Phil B. Customer Service, Time Warner Cable

  4. Bob White says:

    Clearly you should never have cancelled the video service. You will want it back soon if your plan really is to just get Hulu Plus.

  5. cgoofies says:

    Time Warner is a giant infomercial. Every channel is selling some medicine during commercials and late night and a lot of daytime TV is infomercials. Why am I even subscribing to people selling more things than the cable TV? Stick with Internet, or a digital local channel line up. Much like my towns radio, you are in a bad rotation that does not give the consumer what they pay for, and you are showing whatever you want to make money, or fill time when there is nothing on, and we aren’t getting what we pay for.

    • larry says:

      What people need to do is post everything thats bad about time warner cable in face book and twitter that way millions of people will know time warner and other cable company are a rip off way to high price to pay for cable tv

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