Yesterday I wrote about Pudge Rodriguez, today I’ll talk about Johnny Damon.  There was a time when Johnny Damon was a hot commodity.  He came off his finest season with the Royals and there was no way they could afford to pay him.  So off he went to Oakland, then Boston.  Those days were a long time ago, now Damon is turning 38 and in his 17th season.

I have to say though, say what you want, but the guy keeps on hitting.  I mean he spent a season in Tampa last year and although defensively I can challenge him for an outfield slot, he still hits like crazy.  Last year he hit 0.261 with 16 homers, 73 RBIs and 16 stolen bases.  Not bad for someone who was basically ignored by most of the league.  As a DH he is perfect, which is why I am stunned that he hasn’t signed with a team like the Yankees who clearly are in need of a DH.

If he plays two more seasons and continues to hit the way he normally does, he would get to 3000 hits believe it or not.  He is sitting at 2723 career hits and a lifetime batting average of 0.286, crazy right?  He could very well become the first 3000 hit club member not to make it into the Hall of Fame. Looking at his stats, even if he does end up entering the elite club, how can you put him in the Hall?  Yes 3000 hits is impressive, but it looses it’s luster when you do it over 19 seasons and average just 158 hits a season.  That is just not Hall material sorry Captain Caveman!

If you think I’m wrong, let’s look at his other awards and whatnots.  MVP’s . . . none and never finished higher than 13th. All Star appearances . . . two . . . in 17 years.  Golden Gloves . . . HAHAHAH . . . none, surprise! Silver Sluggers . . . none . . . although that isn’t really a surprise, since he really wasn’t known as a slugger.  Out of his comparables only Roberto Alomar, Paul Molitor, Roberto Clemente, and Lou Brock who all have other things going for them.  His closest comparison is Steve Finley and as good as Steve was, he just wasn’t Hall of Fame material.

I would like to see Johnny in the Hall as much as anyone else, as I always like to see Yankees in the Hall of Fame (even if they only were on the team for four years).  I am a realist though and I just don’t think, even if he got into the club, he gets in . . . ever.  As far as his cards go, I’ve seen his signed cards going for as low as $8 and as high as $25.  I don’t think his card is a must own in every personal collection, but at eight bucks you could do worse.

What do you think about Johnny Damon?


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  1. Whiskey Pete says:

    Rafael Palmiero will be the first 3000 hit guy to not get into the HOF… After lying to Congress about roids–he’ll never get in…

  2. Mike D says:

    It would be a very interesting argument on both sides of the Damon issue. If he does get to 3,000 – that number has been one of those magical baseball standards. You bring up great points about his achievements, or lack thereof, but also consider he was on and was productive for multiple World Series champions, which is also a benchmark for arguments made. Just playing both sides of the fence here.
    I think Damon gets in if he reaches 3,000. Baseball historians love their numbers, and 3,000 is just a powerful mark, even for the Palmeiro case, steroids aside.

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