Today is Vlad Guerrero’s birthday and to date he is without a MLB contract in February for the first time in his career.  When I spoke about Johnny Damon and Ivan Rodriguez, both showed clearly diminishing power and average issues.  This isn’t the case for Guerrero, he still brings average and power to the plate even after 16 MLB seasons.  He isn’t an everyday outfielder anymore and is looking at a full-time DH position at this point in his career but clearly his $5 million dollar asking price is going to be a bargain for some team this season.

As a Yankee fan, I would love to get his bat in the DH position, replacing an anemic Jorge Posada (2011 version) with a stat line of 0.290/18/80 from the 3 or 5 slot.  Over the past two seasons from the DH slot he has put up an average of 0.295/21/89, and he has been treated as essentially a throw away player.  Next add in the fact that he is just 51 homers shy of the 500 home run club and 410 hits away from the 3000 club and you have a player that can generate excitement and revenue for your team.

At this point, most teams have their DH situated but there are a few teams out there that can use him and instantly become better. I’m thinking Rangers and Yankees with a side of Twins.  I’m sure he’ll end up getting between 4 and 5 million from one of these teams.  How can a bat like that not help out your favorite team.  I’m telling you right now that if you put him in a protected lineup, he is going to get the kind of fat pitches he hasn’t seen in a long time.

Clearly he is past his prime, and it has shown in his signed card values.  His autograph on eBay runs about $10 – $20 which is an absolute bargain given that I feel like he will be in the Hall of Fame someday.  His 1995 Bowman’s Best rookie card that I always considered to be an absolute must have card for any personal collection has hit a career low of $9 – $20.  I saw a PSA 8 version go for $9 recently and I can’t help but believe that this is going to go up when he retires. In my opinion he is definitely a buy now, in fact if you have a Vlad auto or Bowman’s Best you would like to trade, hit me up and I can come up with something!

Well, what do you think of Vlad the Impaler?


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  1. Mike D says:

    I honestly think Vlad falls into that category much like Jim Rice and Andre Dawson. I don’t see him first ballot, but anyone who saw Vlad play knows he had a canon for an arm (like Dawson), was one of the best pure hitters in the game, and was a feared hitter for several years (like Rice).
    I think age finally caught up to him a couple years ago, but Vlad is still one of the better baseball players to come out of the 90s. I would vote for him for the Hall.

  2. blevins26 says:

    I wonder how the Steriod Era will affect Vlad’s HOF campaign. To my knowledge, he was never accused of juicing and he never physically looked like the guys who were. I wonder if he’ll get credit for being above the fray.

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