I was looking over the list of quarterbacks in this year’s draft and it seems deeper than most.  Its a big year for the Seahawks who in my opinion HAVE TO get a QB early in this draft.  Right now the only QBs on the roster are Tavarias Jackson and Josh Portis.  Essentially they are both the same type of QB, scrambler.  Jackson in my opinion just isn’t an NFL starter.  He is however one of the best back-ups in the league.  Portis on the other hand is a project, who just made the roster last year.

I would say clearly the Seahawks need help and I’m starting to think, why not look local to the former Prosser, Washington All American Kellen Moore.  Nearly every expert in the league has him as “too short” to play in the NFL. They may indeed be right about that too, I mean at 6’1″ he might have a hard time seeing over the line.  If you look at his college stats though I think you will see a different story.

I don’t think there is another player in this draft with the biggest difference in opinion.  Just from his stats in college, 50-3 as a 4 year starter, 14,667 yards passing, 142-28 TD-Int, a cannon arm with pinpoint accuracy, you can see why I would be high on him.  Yet because he is on the short side (for NFL QBs) he is going to be taken in the last 3 rounds (or undrafted).  So he is going to enter the league, like he entered college with a chip on his shoulder.  I think he is going to prove his critics wrong.  First step to doing just that is the combine.

Turthfully, a lot of his quest for NFL success is going to be the team that takes him.  He is clearly going to need some time to adapt to the speed of the game.  So getting on a bad team might not be the answer he is looking for.  Also if he sits behind a superstar, that isn’t going to bode well for his career either. The good news is that NFL teams are aware of this as well, so hopefully he’ll go somewhere that will allow him to grow.

Everything I read about his demeanor is amazing.  He is a leader on and off the field, and commands respect from his teammates even when he was a redshirt freshman.  Don’t expect his cards to fly off the shelf immediately, instead gobble them up as they sit in the $3-$8 range and cross your fingers.  Personally, I just want to have one because of what he did in college and the fact that there is no way he is not in the collegiate Hall of Fame.

What is your take on Kellen Moore?


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  1. Justin says:

    Sometimes it hurts not to have an Ebay or PayPal account.

  2. Mike Webs says:

    I hope he puts more effort into his NFL career than he does on his signature

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