Yesterday I was looking though eBay, not really looking for something to buy, more like thinking of something to write about that won’t piss off my readers (starting to get some really nasty remarks that I no longer put on the blog). I ran into an auction that just made me pause and think about it:

Being a child from the 80s I love this card and being this is sitting on the top of this pack just makes me want it more.  Now the card itself is worth about 10 bucks on eBay ungraded.  The pack runs consistently around $36 and I’ve seen quite a lot of them.  So I started looking for more packs that have stars rookie cards and ran across the website:

The guy who runs the site doesn’t know that I put this on my site, but I spent nearly an hour looking at his collection.  I guess I learn something new each day, collection packs with stars on top as a personal collection sub-genre is much like a person who collects only graded cards.  His personal collection is really incredible and I think one of the most amazing pieces in his collection is:

Robin Yount on top

A beautiful George Brett / Robin Yount on top 1975 Topps mini rack pack.  I’ve always loved that particular set and to see the two best cards of the set just sitting there on the top, just makes me want it more than the Ripken cello pack.  He says on his website that the pack is valued to nearly $3000.  I think it might even be worth more (even with the off center centering).

I have a few of these types of packs, most were from 1987 – 1989 and none that are worth the kind of money that his packs are worth. As much as I would love to say that I am going to collect these star packs money is tight, so maybe in the future.  What a really cool idea though? I mean it is the best way to celebrate the past by not only collecting old timey rookies and stars, but also old timey packs, back when packs (as you can clearly see on the rack pack) were 49 cents.

Here is a list of cards I would love star packs of:

1979 Ozzie Smith

1978 Eddie Murray / Paul Molitor

1977 Dale Murphy / Mark Fidrych

1976 Dennis Eckersley

1975 Robin Yount / George Brett

1974 Dave Winfield

1980 Rickey Henderson

1981 Fernando Valenzuela

1982 Cal Ripken

1983 Wade Boggs / Tony Gwynn

1984 Don Mattingly

1985 Mark McGwire / Roger Clemens / Kirby Puckett / Doc Gooden

1986 Jose Canseco

1987 Barry Bonds / Bo Jackson

1970-1979 Unopened Packs (1970's)   #78Trp Baseball Card

What is your dream unopened pack?


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  1. jeff says:

    I love that Brett/ Yount combo even crazier to think they were even in the same hof class what are the odds?

  2. Ryan says:

    That is very, very cool! What a fantastically unique collection.

    My dream pack would probably have to be one of your list – ’84 Topps with a Mattingly on top. A close 2nd? I don’t think they ever came in transparent packaging but a pack of ’89 Upper Deck with a Griffey on top would be the epitome of a personal childhood quest!

  3. Mike D says:

    I would love to see a 1989 Fleer rack with an early edition Billy Ripken FFace bat, a Griffey next to it and a John Smoltz rookie in the third pack.
    I bought a rack box of ’87 Topps a couple years ago and had Canseco and Bo Jackson as two of the visible cards.
    I would also love to get a 1986 Fleer basketball wax pack with a Jordan on the top and Hakeem Olajuwon on the bottom. WAXXXX!

  4. A. Hughes says:

    When I was a kid, I got a ’74 clear plastic rack pack that had Dave Winfield and Dave Parker as 2 of the top cards. My memory certainly isn’t that good, but I remember it because I’m holding it up in a birthday photo!

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