I had originally scheduled another post for today, but with the news coming down that Gary Carter had died, I had to write a post about him.  It’s hard for me to write about a guy that was the face of the franchise I really despised.  The 1986 Mets were a team I couldn’t hate more.  However it’s hard to say bad things about Gary because he was such a lovable guy on that 86 team.

When the original news came down that he had brain cancer, I felt horrible.  One of the true great guys of the game and one of the few stars of the Montreal Expos.  He was the guy that even if you hated that 1986 team, you just couldn’t hate him.  His career numbers were outstanding for a catcher and that’s why he ended up in the Hall of Fame.  Not that you could have kept him out, the guy was just too nice.

So we are all saddened by his untimely passing and I hope someday we might find someone in baseball again with his charisma, and skills.  We’re are going to miss that helmet wearing curly haired guy. Rest in peace Gary Carter.


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