I haven’t searched on eBay in a while for Manning autographs, but decided to see how much they have come down since the injury.  I was pretty surprised that some of his lower end autographs were sitting at the $40-50 range.  Again, like in my last post, I have a hard time accepting that his card is worth $50 while someone like Tim Tebow’s you can’t find for under $150.  I understand the aspect of supply and demand, I also understand if someone is the center of the media their cards will go for more, but please tell me that my faithful readers would not ever under any circumstance want a Tebow over a Manning for their personal collection.

I know that if I ripped a pack of wax and found a Tim Tebow autograph, I would sell it in a heartbeat. I only want great players in my collection.  Guys where I can look at their stats (even for one or two years) and think they were one of the best in the game.  I just can’t do that with Tebow, yes he had a great record as a starter, but his stats were horrific.  Plus if you’ve seen him play, his decision making ability is not good.  Now look at Manning, he is a sure fire Hall of Fame quarterback who has multiple MVPs.  Even if he never plays another down, he goes in the Hall and should be considered one of the 10 greatest players of all time.

So to get back to what I was originally trying to get across is that Manning autographs and his cards in general are really cheap right now.  This is without a doubt a buy low, figuring that his cards will bump when he retires.  What I don’t want in my collection is a Manning autograph on anything that isn’t Colts related since let’s face it a Redskins or Cardinals uniform on him would look as normal as this:


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  1. Donovan Neal says:

    i hate how media controls not only sports but the players who play them.Peyton is the biggest name and the best thing to ever play QB.you can even take away the wins and even with the post season losses that everyone throws out there.He throws better, practices harder ,calls his own plays,audibles like 100 times per play and i mean the man does it all better than anyone.And for those who say Montana and Brady are better well they had a team that was as good as they was.Peyton’s absence in 2011 proved that he was the one winning for all of those years and i love the Colts and all the players but face it.They rarely had a defense and only a couple of receivers that has been there multiple years.Peyton also set the standard for the QB position that only in the last couple of years other QB’s are just now adjusting to.HE has had defenses look like pop Warner kids and one coach has even went on record saying that because of Peyton Manning he got fired.So lol to get to the subject….heck yeah Peyton’s signature should be worth more than who’s??? haha Tebow’s???

  2. Mike D says:

    Donovan – living in north central Indiana, I hear more than I want to about the Colts. My sister-in-law and her entire family are all nuts for the Colts. It’s almost sickening. I have to take to task the point about the defense, only because I’m exposed to the Colts all year long. Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, two names for example’s sake, are not chumps. Freeney has consistently been one of the top defensive lineman in the NFL for several years, including last year. And Mathis has been just as good.
    The Colts scored their fair share of points with Manning, sure, but it was the Colts defense that beat the Bears in the Super Bowl, along with a running game that overtook the game (two 100 yd rushers – Addai and Rhodes) to keep Manning from needing to take over that game.
    Peyton Manning is a great QB, certainly one of the top ten or even top five, but he’s not a clear cut elite QB. I’d have to nod to Brady or Favre.
    Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne are HOF level receivers – and any receiver worth a hill will tell you the QB matters.

  3. Mike D says:

    I should edit “…but he’s not THE clear cut elite QB of all-time.”

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