It was my flex day from work today, so I made a couple of custom booklets and cleaned out my MAN ROOM.  My wife held my hand as I ventured in to the room that we do not speak of.  I’m sure everyone has had a room like this in their lifetime.  The room that all the “what should I do with this” stuff goes, the door closes and you don’t think about it again until you back go in there.  I call it a man room but really its a veritable trip down memory lane from my teens, to 20s to 30s.  Here is a list of items that I found that I couldn’t believe I had:

  • VHS tapes both pre-recorded and blank (still in wrapping)
  • Random PC games from the early 90s
  • 35mm film (still in packaging)
  • An assortment of mini discs (all pre-recorded)
  • Cassette tapes (mixed tapes)
  • PS one games
  • My wife found some random 90s porn (that was awesome, at least it was fairly tame)

Some stuff I didn’t even know I had:

  • Two Ted Williams signed baseballs (I knew of one but not the other)
  • Brett Favre Signed Super Bowl hat
  • 1997 University of Arizona National Champion signed jersey (forgot I even had it)
  • Bat signed by Ralph Branca and Bobby Thomson (MLB certified)
  • A second 1980 Topps Baseball Card Set

The sheer amount of cards I have is bordering on hoarding and I have come to one conclusion, I need to start condensing my collection.  I really have no choice, there is simply too much stuff.  I want to start trimming away the bulk and keeping the items that I treasure them most.  So here is what I’m going to do.  I will generate a want list page, of stuff that I would like to trade for.  I am then going to start listing items on a weekly basis that I want to trade.  I’ll assign a trade value to it and if you want it, hit me up with a trade.  I don’t want to sell it, I know times are tight for everyone, so I’m just going to ask for trades.  So if you have anything you are looking to shuttle off, maybe we can work out a trade.

It saddens me to do this, but my collection has reached out of control status.  I have no rhyme or reason to what I collect. I simply collect to hoard at this point and I have to stop.  I easily went through over 100,000 cards today and I elected to get rid of just two sets, one autographed floorboard and a random signed baseball. So first up, for anyone who wants it is:

It sold on eBay for $21.99+$7.95 shipping two days ago.  So to be fair I’ve seen a lot of them going for $18 and not selling.  I’m going to set the first value at $25 shipped.  Come up with one or two cards worth about that (including shipping it to me) and it’s all yours.  It’s unopened and gently handled (like most of my cards). For more info on the set see The Baseball Card blog write up on it as the 4th best set of the 1980s.

My initial want list:

  • Any pre-1983 rookie card of a star player (HOF and not HOF)
  • Any pre-1980 HOF player card
  • Any semi-star or better patch card (by star I mean I have to have heard of them)
  • Any autograph of a MLB semi-star or better
  • Any hockey rookie semi-star card pre-1980
  • Any football rookie semi-star or better pre-1987
  • Any card from any set in any sport pre-1955
  • Any basketball rookie semi-star or better pre-1982

I don’t know, just shoot me an email with an offer and we can go from there.  I just want to start the ball rolling on this.  Have a great weekend!


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  1. connor says:

    this sounds like a good idea. Do you ever want autographs I have gotten in person (about 95% baseball). I can’t really produce any documentation to confirm their authenticity but I am very honest and I would never scam anyone. I also think I have better things to do than forge autographs…

  2. Brian B says:

    great idea….if you go thru your stuff, and I go thru my stuff, we can keep the hoarding alive. Having been an autograph collector since I received my 1st autograph from Thurman Munson, when I was only 9 years old, at Shea Stadium….YUP, the torn down Yankee Stadium had not even opened yet, I am officially a hoarder, LOL….in an effort to clean the mess, I too went thru a 3’x2’ft wicker basket in the den, and found,a plastic bag with 22 concert used guitar picks I got at shows, dating back to the mid 80’s, Motley Crue, Tesla, Poison, Ted Nugent, Steve Vai, and even a few from Winger and Brittany Fox!!!! 11 autographed 8 x 10’s I forgot I had, ok, 5 were of WWE celeb’s, gifts that just got lost and never made it to my son, the holy grail of my ticket stub collection, well not in value, but in, I was there, best game ever, the Aaron Boone ALCS game 7 ticket vs Boston….the one night I actually though the upper deck was gonna collapse. I still have 2- 4 ft tall, 4 drawer filling cabinets to go thru, then, after 18 months of lets call it whining from the wife, I will attempt to get into the 95 sq feet master closet,12 ft ceilings, stacks of stuff over 10 ft at some spots, which has anything but clothes in there, unless game used jerseys count!!!! LOL… I look forward to your list, as well as working out a deal to get a card made, for something in return……..100,000 cards in 1 day…..hhmmmm, and to think, I looked at the 4 boxes, stuffed with the contents of 10 boxes, cards falling out of the side, and I couldn’t even look at them, no doubt filled with jersey, bat, autographed insert cards…… save that chore for a rainy day once I get all the cards together….LET THE HOARDING CONTINUE!!!!!!!!

  3. Pablo says:

    Boy, when you don’t know what you have or forgotten you had, you are definitely a hoarder! Seriously, when you have too much stuff, it’s time to trade, sell, give away, and/or donate your stuff. Every year, I get a couple of grocery bags and stuff them with trash, no longer important paperwork, and magazines that I don’t want anymore. The trash and shredded paperwork gets thrown out, and magazines get recycled. Cards, comics, and other collectibles, however, I give away to either friends and/or my nephew. Living in an apartment makes it hard to sell cards and comics because I can’t have a yard or garage sale unless I sell my stuff at a relative’s house. Of course, at a yard or garage sale I can sell just about anything. Worst of all, most of my cards are (thousands of) commons and individually aren’t all that valuable. It isn’t hard to find and buy some nice cards of Rice, Montana, Elway, the Mannings, Sanders, Sosa, McGwire, Clemens, Ryan, or any (insert your favorite player here) athlete from your local hobby shop. Yes, I am getting off topic a bit here. Anyway, good luck with your hoard!

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