Then he went and ruined it by backtracking.  I think there are even a lot of Denver fans that feel the same way about Tebow.  Let’s face it, the fans dictated the move, not management.  After training camp Tebow was third of the depth chart, so I think Quinn was right in trying to figure out what the heck happened.  I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass and tell you Quinn is some amazing quarterback that should be Denver’s starter.  I mean he didn’t even beat out Orton, who himself is a back-up quarterback.

I will say this though, he is a quarterback, while Tebow is this running back / quarterback hybrid.  His throws aren’t pretty, he gets sacked a lot, and yes, he does get lucky.  Quinn was on the money there is luck that goes with the Tebow storyline.  He learned quickly that it isn’t about a 65% completion percentage, it’s the long ball.  It’s getting the CBs lazy and lobbing up a game winning pass. Don’t kid yourself though, without that stellar defense Tebow wouldn’t have been . . . well . . . Tebow.

Coming into training camp, they are going to hand the starting job to Tebow, but I don’t think there is anyone in the league that could be as easy to beat out for the starting job as he is.  If Quinn comes out swinging this pre-season, look out because I don’t think Elway is completely sold on Tebow and given ANY other alternative that is effective, I think he would rather go that route.

Let’s face it, neither of these guys are a solid long term option at QB, Denver is going to have to go through the draft or free agency to find that guy.  In the meantime, if Tebow faulters at all I would think Quinn is going to get a chance.  I know Tebow cards and autographs are hot right now, with many fetching in excess of $500 for patch / autograph cards.  A smart buy (at least short term) could be a Quinn card (auto / patch) for as little as $12 – $20. Then if he does well, sell, sell, sell!

Who would be better short term for the Broncos? Tebow or Quinn?


2 responses »

  1. bamlinden says:

    Football, like a lot of sports, is more about business these days than ever before. Butts in seats. Jerseys on backs.

    Tebow does that.

    Quinn does not.

    Until Tebow stops doing that, Quinn should concentrate on his own game.

  2. Chunter says:

    In essence, the question is: Do you want a polarizing figure who can win games, or a boring, below-average player whose playing will make people mad?

    I think Elway should work with Tebow because Elway will do a good job. For the sake of example, you can bet if Al Davis were still at Oakland and Tebow were a Raider, Al would milk the Tebow craze for all it was worth, and Tebow would get burned out.

    As it is, I think Tebow is in a good situation and should continue improving where he is, as a starter.

    Thanks for writing.

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