I was supposed to review this box before the release date of 2/23/12.  Unfortunately it got held up at customs for an inspection and I didn’t get the box until Saturday.  As I do with every Box of In The Game, my wife and I sit down and play pack wars to see who gets the better packs.  This box was a lot of fun because it was loaded with goodies. My wife ended up wining.

Just as always ITG’s H&P set contains an array of pre-rookie cards and a lot of first timers with the CHL Rookies subset.  At about $80 a box the price is a bit on the steep side.  I would have a tough time buying a box at that price.  That being said I want to show you what came in the box.

The collation says that autographs fall 1:8 and memorabilia falls 1:8, here were the autograph cards I got:

Andreas Engqvist – He is currently a center for the Montreal Canadiens / Hamilton Bulldogs.

Brandon Kozun – A stud in juniors with the Calgary Hitman who had over 200 points in his final two seasons.  He since has put in two good seasons in Manchester with the Monarchs.

Max Domi – Son of Tie Domi, he is in his first season with the London Knights.  In 53 games, he has 20 goals and 24 assists.  He is off to a great junior career.

Here are the memorabilia cards:

Three very nice jersey cards:

Colton Sisson – Not really a patch card but it is the neck line so it pops out of the card.  He is now on the Kelowna Rockets, and he is averaging 41 points a season but went from a +/- 15 to a -14 this season.  That is dramatic.

Tanner Pearson, Ryan Strome, and Dan Catenacci – Triple relic from the Subway Junior Tournament.  All three of these players are quite good, with the best probably Strome.  Again no patches on this card, but there are raised stripes.

Corey Perry – Two jerseys, one from the London Knights and one from the Anaheim Ducks.  The London Knights on has a stripe, it’s not a patch.

There should have been two autographs and two game used, this box had three of each so this is definitely not the “average” box.  That being said, my wife and I love the game used and the autographs look great too.

Here are the two non-autograph/memorabilia cards that were in the box:

This is the 2012 Draft Redemption card, it’s a contest of sorts.  If the player on the front gets drafted in the position on the back (4th overall for Morgan Reilly) then I can exchange it for a limited edition memorabilia card.  Very cool idea!

This is one of the members of last year’s Memorial Cup team from the Saint John Sea Dogs.  There is a whole subset dedicated to this.

From the base set I got about 151 cards of the 200 cards.  Basically you will need two boxes to finish the set.  This is what the front and back of the base card looks like:

So here is my wrap up on the review of the box:

Design – 4 of 5 stars

Value – 5 of 5 stars

Overall – 4.5 of 5 stars

This review was based on this particular box, your box will vary (obviously) but at least you get an idea of what was in the box.  Leave a comment as to what you think of the box for a chance to win the Andreas Engqvist autograph.


9 responses »

  1. Might the Perry be available for trade?

  2. Hackenbush says:

    Pretty sharp looking cards. The Corey Perry is nice.

  3. box seemed so so–god thing you got three autos and t hree mem cards–but still ???

  4. Very nice hits with the GU and Autos. I especially like the Subway Series Triple Relic with Tanner Pearson. And you have to love the giant pieces of material that basically jump out of the card like on the Colton Sissons. As usual, ITG puts out a great product with exactly what hockey fans want.

  5. Victor LEE says:

    The box is certainly way above average but not EXCELLENT.. though the HITS! at 3 autos n 3 Memo did salvage some value in return. To me, this would be a fun box to break but not necessarily where U will find great GEMS in it. 4.5 stars in terms of fun but 3.5 stars for value.

  6. Dave H says:

    I have become a huge fan of this product and you get a chance at Gordie Howe cards now too! Swatches are usually better than UD and Panini. I do just wish they could land an NHL license again.

  7. Brian B says:

    first thing I noticed, the jersey cards are sweet, like you said no patch cards, but double, triple color patches, and I love the neckline, cant say I have even seen that. As far as you getting 6 hits, I think those lucky enough to do a review, get free product, must get a “sweeter” boy and me and the avg Joe, its only smart business on there side to give you a couple xtra hits, all in all, a nice box, even if my hockey knowledge is very limited

  8. Dan says:

    Great looking cards can’t wait to open a box.

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