Update:  The card is a fake make by me, I was experimenting on how to make a custom patch card, came up with a design I like and went for it.  Actually I was making this one for Rod over at Padographs.  Corky was right for calling me out and wins a prize of his choice.  Turns out it’s actually pretty easy to do, just takes a lot of time and patience.  Also one is being done for Joe (a Twins fan) who send me a jersey to play around with over 2 years ago.  Finally, all the keychains and the bracelet will be shipped out by this week.  Sorry about the delay but finds are low and it costs a bit to send some of this stuff out.  Thanks for all your patience!

I’m sure I’ll have to take this down in a day but I was sent this from someone in the know:

Someone emailed this to me and I don’t know if it’s legit, but if it is I can only imagine what a card like this would go for  on eBay.  The person that emailed it to me wanted to know what I thought, apparently a major company is in negotiations to resurrect the Fleer Fleer brand with MLB rights.  This would be one of their first inserts.  What a splash this would make. I loved the 1985 design and wow is all I can say.


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  1. fanofreds says:

    Nice looking card – I’m not as big of a fan of the 80s Fleer sets…but I loved the 90s Fleer so I’d be on board for a Fleer resurrection!

  2. Rod says:

    I would love to see this. I can’t wait to see who is using the fleer name. Anything with the yellow and brown or orange and blue is something I would like to see.

  3. Corky says:

    This is a fake. If you look closely at the card you can tell it is a custom card made by someone. The “Padres” name in the upper left corner is running off the side border and appears to have been cut around. The die-cut window is cut horribly and you can see mulitple layers. The card was either printed at an angle or cut at an angle and the bottom edges are rounded and uneven. Not to mention that the picture of Gwynn is seriously pixelated.

    Upper Deck owns the Fleer name and they are using the name with the upcoming Fleer Retro Basketball set coming out in April so if another major brand is hoping to put out MLB licenesed product this season they have some serious negotiations ahead of them. Since the person emailing you stated a set with MLB rights then that means Topps (Unless MLB issued a secret license to Panini) and unless the money is insane I don’t see Richard Williams even talking with Topps.

    • chemgod says:

      Corky is right it is a fake, although to correct him, the edges aren’t rounded they are square it’s the photo it was taken at an angle. The picture isn’t pixelated, but it was slightly softened since it was enlarged from the original photo. The window is cut wrong, but the logo was done right compared to the original. For calling me out, Corky wins a free card or a package of bad wax.

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