It was reported yesterday that Andrew McCutchen got a 6 year $52 million deal, my reaction was, why did he take it?  Now I know that the Pirates are in the beginnings of having quite a team in a few years, that being said, he might be in year four of the contract before the team floats above 0.500.

There is no denying he is the next Brandon Phillips, as he has proven that he has the ability to produce 0.260/25/90 with 30 steals.  If you were Andrew wouldn’t you wait until the season was over to sign that contract?  He is 25 years old and just entering his prime years. This season he should have a 30-30 year, so why sign the contract now?  The other thing is that his numbers are eerily similar to Brandon Phillips, would you consider Phillips to be the cornerstone of anything?

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that McCutchen on any other team would be just another cog, but because the Pirates are desperate for anything remotely looking like a star, they and collectors treat him like one.  I was always a big Brandon Phillips fan and I am also a fan of McCutchen, I’m wondering though how come Phillips never became the collector’s darling like McCutchen has.  My only guess was the markets that he was in, although as a Red, she should have been fairly well collected.

So now the Pirates have their cornerstone in place through his prime years, again very dumb that he signed away his best money making years.  Look for him to consistently produce close to 30-30 seasons for the next six years.  Oh and watch his cards climb like Brandon Phillips never did.  Most of his autograph / patch or jersey cards are running between $30 – $40 and if he catches on fire this season like I think he is going to, watch those numbers double.

What do you think of McCutchen?


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  1. You hit the nail on the head with the comment about “on any other team”. He would be another player, maybe even a roll player on another team. But on the Pirates, he’s a superstar. So, he chose to stay a superstar and took the money. Look, the Pirates are not a bad organization. They have just been poorly managed. Financially, I think they are in a good position to be able to make a run…not in four years but sooner. Much sooner.

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