I heard on the radio that the Jets extended Mark Sachez’s contract, when he still had 2 years left.  They did it so Mark wouldn’t get upset that the local newspapers targeted the Jets as Peyton Manning’s future home. Mark got wind of it, his feelings got hurt, had his agent express how hurt Mark was and he gets a 3 year $45 million extension.  I’m not even a Jets fan and I find myself offended from that albatross.

Now we all know that a NFL contract is about as worthless as the paper it’s printed on.  If he stinks this season, he can kiss goodbye all those millions as the Jets will either release him or renegotiate a lower cap contract.  This past season was classic Mark Sanchez, constantly whining about how he didn’t like Rex Ryan and his offense.  Then Rex Ryan would bench him for a few snaps during practice, that will teach him right?

All you have to do is reread the Greg McElroy article when he called out the Jets team.  You know he talking specifically about Sanchez.  Overall the guy is basically a 0.500 quarterback (27-20) through three seasons.  He is also about a 0.500 passer with 55 TDs and 51 picks.  The problem is the Jets have so much invested in him that he has to be coddled so hopefully at some time he produces like he should.  He has so much talent it drives the average Jets fan crazy that he can’t fully commit to being consistent at his position.

Until he buys in to Rex Ryan, the Jets are a playoff team, but not much more.  They are about a nine win team.  Enough to get in, but not enough to make some noise.  Their cruising through the playoffs was more a statement on their defensive side of the ball than the offense.  He has to tools, he’s got his big ass contract and now it’s time, get in the gym and study those tapes and buy into the offense.  He owes it to Jets fans who I think would have salivated over a Manning arrival for gang green.

His autograph is still a good seller on eBay and continues to pull in a respectable average of $45 per autograph.  I think he is a sell, and yet so many other people see him as a buy.  We’ve seen this in the pros over and over, moderate improvement in three years and then no more.  When will football teams wise up to this and just admit mistakes were made.  He is worth a lot as trade bait right now, and if I were a GM with the Jets I would roll the ball and get someone in there who is hungrier and wants it more.

Do you think the signing was a prudent move?


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  1. jumper48 says:

    Amen, I wouldn’t call him a bust but he is really no more then a decent back up QB and the Jets were hoping to bring in Manning so Sanchez could see how a real QB studies tape, gives 100% every day even in practice and controls the game. He is a lot like Matt Leinart, play to get paid and laid only.

    Funny how the Jets office is claiming this extension was in the works for weeks but only got announced after Manning moved along basically removing the Jets from his final decision. You are so right, this was completly done to keep Sanchez happy and stop his whinning.

  2. Mike D says:

    I’ve felt the same along the Leinart/Sanchez line – both quarterbacks were treated like royalty at USC and surrounded with premier, elite NFL-caliber talent and made to be bigger than the game. When they got to the pros, where you earn your royalty stripes, both of these guys have handled the journey like spoiled athletes.
    I would sell Sanchez in a heartbeat. I don’t see long-term sustained success. I see Jeff George.

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