So I finally bought my first rack pack of 2012 Topps.  I usually buy a pack, just to look at the designs and the subsets.  I have to say when I saw this card:

I was so psyched.  What a great idea, I like the 1987 set as a whole, and I like mini cards, it was a win win!  The only drawback I see is that there are only 50 cards in the set.  They should have gone full tilt and done the entire set this way! I have to say that this is one of the best subsets I have seen out of Topps in a long time.  I mean other than last year’s 3-D cards, which were also a bucket full of awesome!

Bottom line with this collector, if you make a mini card or set, I’m all in on it.  Great job on this one Topps, ranks right up there with Lineage’s 1975 mini designs.

What did you think of this subset?


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  1. Paulie3jobs says:

    My guess is they will continue the mini’s in series 2 and update. Just like they did last year with the Kimballs. I’m really lovin these as well.

  2. topher says:

    Wait a sec… your mini has rounded corners??

  3. Ryan says:

    I am absolutely loving the ’87 Mini’s as well. I don’t typically love mini’s – but the ’87 set was my FIRST set as a kid.

    Special meaning for sure – I have a lot of work to do (only have about 10 or 12 of those little ba boys so far) but I plan on piecing it together card by card.

    I agree though – good job, Topps!

  4. Paulie3jobs says:

    Good eye topher. I just checked all mine, including my Stanton. None have rounded corners.

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