As a Seahawk fan I am used to constant disappointment.  I heard that Flynn was considering the Seahawks and I had no idea what to think.  I mean Tavarius Jackson wasn’t horrible, my concern is that is Flynn another Charlie Whitehurst?  At least they didn’t have to shell out a number one draft pick for him.

In the two games I’ve seen him play he’s been spectacular.  I know its not the system because really the Packers don’t have a greased system.  I am just hoping that this doesn’t turn into another Kevin Kolb situation.  Sadley this will probably mean that the Seahawks are not going to draft a quarterback and that essentially Josh Portis (who I was high on) moves back to the practice squad.

I just don’t understand where his uber talent came from because in college he was nothing specail other than he played at LSU.  However given a full season there (his senior season) he threw for 2407 yards, 21 TDs and 11 picks.  The Seahawks supposedly gave him 3 years for $24 million, which should still leave them with a lot of cap room.  So what’s next? Maybe some targets for Flynn to toss to.

His autographed cards are running between $29 for say a SAGE autograph and $300 for a 2008 National Treasures autograph.  That’s some high dollar to shell out for a Seahawk.  I’m really on the fence right now but I’m thinking that price wise $30 – $40 I would be comfortable.  I am definitely a sell right now until he proves himself. I just want to know how everyone else feels about him.


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  1. jumper48 says:

    As a fellow Seahawk fan I share your concern. Jackson is a decent backup but not a starter, Whitehurst was a horrible pickup no matter how you look at it. Once the Manning-Seahawks possiblity was squashed I had a feeling the Flynn would be the obvious target for the Hawks. I think we were all hoping for Manning to come to Seattle and the team draft a QB like Foles or Tannehill and have them learn for 2-4 years behind Manning before taking over as the future of the team.

    Hopefully he will stand out like the previous Packers QB that the Seahawks picked up 11 years ago. He has some decent targets with Rice, Mike Williams, Tate, Baldwin plus Lynch out of the backfield and hopefully Miller can return to his Raiders days. My concern is the O-Line, they gave up 50 sacks last year.

    A future concern is how much will the team give up to draft Matt Barkley next year? I think if Flynn has a horrible first season like Kolb had with the Cards then I would expect Carroll will be willing to bet the future of the team on Barkley.

  2. As a Packers fan I like him. But your right he’s really only had 2 games and one of those was a meaningless game played mostly by the 2nd string. However he did almost beat New England two years ago. I really like Matt I hope he has a long successful career where ever his career takes him, but that said I’m not shelling out 40 bucks for his auto either.

  3. Tim H. says:

    I think you have to definitely give him a chance. Till he gets settled in and adjusted to the offensive style he could turn out to be a major improvement for the Seahawks. He’s ten times better than Whitehurst.

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