So I have taken a LONG break from doing through the mail autographs.  Mainly because I just didn’t have the time to make the custom cards to do it.  Also I had a hard time trying to decide who I wanted to get autographs of. So I decided that instead of super stars and rising rookies I am going to go after ordinary or retired players and news worthy non-sports people.

I will admit it’s fun to get a rising rookie, but I have been going through my TTMs of prospects who’s cards I got back that never materialized into anything special.  I created two cards recently that I am going to start my TTM back up with:

I am pretty sure that everyone knows who Brandon Roy is, however non-NBA fans might not know that retired last year at just 27 years old because of a degenerative foot injury.  Doctors had informed him that further playing may cause him to not be able to walk in the future.  He is currently considering a comeback, and I wished him the best of luck.  Although I am an Arizona graduate and he is a former Husky, I still never want to see someone with so much talent have a career cut short due to injury.

The second person is Nolan Bushnell, the grandfather of video games.  He was the co-founder of Atari and the founder of Chuck-E-Cheese.  He has since had many ventures, but as a video game geek that grew up in the 70s and 80s I have have logged my share of hours playing the 2600.  I just thought it would be a cool idea to add him to my autograph collection.

Over the next few months, once or twice a week, I will send out two cards.  One will be of a former athlete that had a decent career and the other will be a non-sports person that is famous in his or her own right.  I am completely open to suggestions and if I can find their mailing addresses I will attempt to get their autograph through the mail. Also if you would like to use any card I put up here, I have no problem with that.  They are not watermarked and if clicked on you can get the full size card.  All I ask is that you thank me.

I won’t post the mailing addresses to keep their right to some privacy, but if I can find it online you can too.  It usually only takes me about 5 minutes to find anyone’s address and I don’t even have to pay for a service to do it.  If I can’t find an address I will usually send it to the player’s last team (hoping they forward it to them).  So if you have any suggestions for the non-sport autographs let me know. And remember . . . .

Keep sending out those TTMs!


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  1. ah yes–memories of Combat and Pac-Man–spent many hours playing them—-love your TTM idea–good luck

  2. Mike D says:

    I wouldn’t have thought to put together a TTM for the inventor of Atari, that’s a great idea!
    I’m surprised he isn’t in any of the Allen & Ginter sets, unless I missed him somewhere. An idea for you as an AZ grad might be Sean Elliott, former great with the Spurs and one of those guys who helped put AZ basketball on the permanent national map. Also, what about Jennie Finch?
    I also just watched a promo a couple nights ago on the MLB Network that listed Jamie Moyer as one of the best change-up artists of all-time. Pitching into his 50s, that is unheard of today!

  3. XXHOODLUMXX says:

    Nolan Bushnell card is sick… Hope you get it signed…

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