There are a lot of great players in hockey right now. Just off the top of my head I think of Steve Stamkos, Evgeni Malkin, the Sedin brothers, and John Tavares. One name that I don’t think of is Scott Hartnell of the Philadelphia Flyers.  I should though, he is putting together an amazing season and he won’t be getting the collector’s recognition for it at all.

So far this season he has put up 35 goals, 29 assists, 64 points, +22, 130 PIM, and 15 power play points.  To to sum it up, he can score, set up, rough it up, and scores when it matters the most (during the power play).  Every year there seems to be someone new in this type of role.  Last year it was Steve Downy, this year it seems like Hartnell is that guy.

The problem for Hartnell is he is on a polarizing team like the Flyers.  Either you love them or hate them, but there is no in between.  Unfortunately that means there is little interest in owning cards of his except for Flyer fans.  This is pretty evident from looking at eBay, none of his autographed cards went for over $5 and most were running about $2 and I’ve seen them in the dollar bin at shows.  I would definitely consider him a buy for this year aat least.

What do you think of Scott Hartnell?

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  1. raggedy ann sux. like the rest of his team. can u tell which end of the polarization i am at Mike? If not here’s a hint. The Winter Classic was awesome this year. 🙂

  2. While Hartnell is definitely a role player and is having a big time season for his standards, I can’t agree with the post title of Best All Around Player. If you specified “on the Flyers”, I would concede. He has definitely changed his game since arriving in Philly. He used to be the guy you could count on to put his team in a precarious position with stupid penalties but ever since their unlikely playoff run, he seems like a different player. So I suppose you could make a case for the “right now” vote.

    But if we are talking league-wide…not even remotely close. Consistency makes a guy the best and Hartnell has only begun to show what he is capable of. I look at guys like Iginla, Toews, Spezza, Datsyuk, and Stephen Weiss (and to a lesser extent Anze Kopitar, Phil Kessel, Patrice Bergeron, both the Staal brothers that have Cups, and even Jumbo Joe Thornton)

    Hartnell is good, but not the best.

    • chemgod says:

      Look at his numbers across the board none of the guys you mentioned are across the board better than Hartnell.

  3. RIF says:

    Hartnell is having a great season and aside from Giroux, he is the best player on the Flyers. He is also very fan friendly and a generous TTM signer. I am on the range of the spectrum that love the guy. He will help lead the Flyers to the Cup this year!

  4. Mike D says:

    I don’t really have a dog in the fight, but I would offer up (since we are playing the who’s better in our opinion game here) – as of Monday morning, there were 20 players with more power play points than Hartnell, and when it came to stacking up numbers alone, on his own team Claude Giroux was at 27/59 with a +18, 29 PPP and had 61 hits and 54 blocks to boot, and has missed a little time as well to quell those scoring numbers.
    I don’t know how one could argue against Malkin’s 46/51, +18, 29 PPP as well as his chip in PIM, blocks and hits.
    Had he not been injured, and it is showing in a big way in Chicago, Jonathan Toews might be the most important attacking player to his team. With Toews, the Hawks are 34-14-7, without him, 10-12-1.
    Just my two cents on the matter.

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