I know it’s been forever and a day since I posted.  It’s a combination of work and lack of decent storylines.  Today however is psuedo Opening Day, where America’s pastime opens it’s season in Japan.  Don’t get me started on this tradition, it bugs the crap out of me.  I always look to see who hits the first home run of the season, mainly because they tend to traditionally have poor seasons.

Sadly this year that title belongs to Dustin Ackley who I have followed since his days at UNC.  He is one of my favorite players in the majors now and no one feels like he will ever hit superstar status.  In fact I will go as far to say that most experts see him as a 0.260/15/50 guy.  I think it’s bull, but then again I let emotions play with how I think a person will do.

By hitting the first homerun of the season, I fear that he will in fact have a non-All Star season.  I was going to say terrible, but I think he’ll do OK, just not All Star caliber.  He was the second overall player chosen in 2009 and even though he has moved up the ranks quickly (thanks to his move to second base), he still gets little to no respect as a prospect.  This will be his first full big league season, after going 0.273/6/36/6 in a half season last year.  I do think that as time goes by he will develop into a 0.280, 20-20 guy.  He has a great swing and has started to cut down on strikeouts.

Collectors still believe in him as most of his signed cards are running from $25-$50.  I don’t think he is quite worth that much as he does tend to sign a lot of through the mail autographs.  I’d wait for the drop to happen to between $5 – $10, before buying any Ackley cards.  I feel that that is what his cards should be worth.

What do you think of Dustin Ackley?


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  1. Mariner1 says:

    I think Dustin will have a breakout year. He might make the all star game but probably not. He is definitely one of the highlights of the Mariners future.

  2. Steven says:

    How do you still have a job you two bit hack? I am running far away, from you and your has been website. Game Over.

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