I have heard of tune up appearances but holy smokes, 10 friggin’ runs, 7 walks in 3 2/3 innings?  What the hell is Pittsburgh thinking?  I know that really they are just biding their time until Cole and Taillon make their appearances in the Steel City, but come one McDonald? Really?  He was a dud for the Dodgers and now he gets to pedal his crap in Pittsburgh.

Up until 2009 I thought he was as good as a prospect as they come.  Drafted in the 11th round of the 2002 draft out of high school. He was a can’t trade prospect until 2009.  His minor league career was filled with a nice K/BB rate, WHIP and ERA.  Then he faced major league hitters and just imploded.

At 27 years old he has regressed every season.  His only positive trait is his strikeout rate (142 K’s last season).  Of course it doesn’t help, when you are allowing 10 runs in less than 4 innings.  His ERA was 4.21 and his WHIP was approaching 1.50.  Unless he gets his control and lower his home run rate, he can expect to be leaving the majors soon enough.

Collectors are running away in droves as his signed cards are bringing in about $2 a pop.  Really though unless he can get better quickly he is going to be sent down and soon enough be released from baseball.  I hope he can turn it around, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t going to happen, especially if he keeps allowing 10 runs a game.



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  1. Bucco says:

    Your way off. McDonald is one of the Pirates pitchers with the most potential. His numbers suffered a lot when he was rushed back from the DL last yr. Just because he had one bad start in Spring Training you think he will be released? Thats not gonna happen

    • chemgod says:

      27 year olds aren’t prospects. Numbers vs. history never lies. He make strikeout a lot of hitters, but he gives up a lot of hits and walks too.

  2. topher says:

    Yeah, that’s about the time you start putting your pitcher at shortstop and see what happens there. If that doesn’t work, then you stick him out in Left. If that doesn’t work, well, best of luck to ya in the car dealership business.

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