He was a coveted prize of the Yankees farm system for years.  Then the want of Curtis Granderson was too much. So off he was shipped to the Tigers.  He became the coveted prospect in the Tigers farm system.  He was inserted into the Tigers lineup quickly after the trade. He had a solid rookie campaign where he hit for a solid average.  His rookie year stat line was 0.293/4/41 with 27 stolen bases. Last year he adjusted his hitting style and it generated more homers (11) but less average (0.249).

He has matured a lot as a hitter in the past few years.  He has a better eye for the ball, and I think soon the power is going to come around.  Once he puts it all together he can become a lot like Curtis Granderson.  His development is even similar.  Although Granderson had more power to start with, while Jackson seems to have a better eye than Curtis did at the same age.

I think that his autograph is going to go up this season. His better autograph and jerseys have been selling for less than $20 and if he has the season I think he is capable of it’s going up and up and up.  I think it’s a buy now. What do you think?  If he explodes I see them going up to $40 easy!


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  1. grandcards says:

    I totally agree. I threw this out on twitter last night, but I picked up a bunch of his RC autos for cheap cheap cheap with two thoughts. 1. Add to the collection 2. Sell the extras. I think even a solid year from Jackson could see his regular autos double from where they are right now.

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