I love writing about Luke Hockevar.  First of all his last name is ridiculous and for the most part unpronounceable. Second of all he was a former number one overall pick and has never even come close to living up to his billing.  In fact I think I’ve written about him at least four times in the past few years and every time, I think he’s on his last chance at starting for the Royals.  Then I realize that it’s the Royals and it’s not like they have anyone to fill his spot.

He was so desired coming out of college after having an amazing final season in college.  The Royals loved what they saw took him number one and put him in A+ and AA where he did very well.  He then moved up to AAA where he really struggled.  Instead of making him work through it in the minors, he was brought up to face the New York Yankees in his major league debut.  He has struggled ever since.

Every year, there is new optimism, that with age he will somehow become better.  Every year he has failed to achieve what was hoped for when he was drafted first overall.  What people fail to realize is that he is 28 years old this year.  This is his prime, this is when he is going to be at his best and his best is apparently a 0.500 pitcher.  I personally think that he is never going to get better than this.

So the question is when will the Royals give up on him? They have a lot of talent sitting in the minor leagues, that are going to need spots in the majors.  At some point his 0.500 record and penchant for getting shelled is going to wear thin.  On most teams it would have already happened, he has failed on a bad team, he’s not getting better, ever.  Is this the last stop for him? I think it should be.  It won’t though, after all the Pirates are always looking for crappy rotation pitchers.

As far as his eBay love goes, amazingly he still gets a looking nookie.  His cards run between $4 and $8 and I have to think it’s strictly because he was the number one over all pick.  He is a must sell at this point. Just see how bad he does in his debut.  You will see what I’m talking about.  Dump him now when you can actually get a few dollars for his cards.


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  1. Hochevar/Haren today, think he’ll be able to keep up? Uh, nah.

  2. topher says:

    I feel like I should write a post with the same title, except I’d replace “Luke Hochevar” with “Carl Pavano.”

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