The kind folks at In The Game gave me another box to review this one is of 2011-12 Between the Pipes.  Although it’s not thier most popular product, it is my wife and I’s favorite one.  We have in the past gotten some very cool cards.  Including a Pelle Lindbergh goalie pad that was given away in a contest.

The boxes can be had for as low as $90 at blowout cards.  The price seems a bit steep, but I know that this is normal for this product when it comes out.  Check back in a few months and it can be had for $70 or less.  On to the break . . .

Here is a peak at the base cards:

  • La Belle Province – Player who played in the Province of Quebec
  • Future Stars – Up and coming goalies
  • Stars of the Game – The biggest players in the game right now
  • Stars and Stripes – Great American born hockey players
  • Decades Stars – From the 1930s – 2000s, past great goaltenders
  • Expansion Tandems – Goalie tandems who played for expansion teams together
  • International Pioneers – International Hockey Hall of Fame players
  • One Game Wonder (not pictured) – Players who only played in one professional game.

Next up were the Masked Men cards:

The pictures do not give these cards justice.  They are kind of holographic looking and the picture seems like it’s been foiled.  These are very nice cards.  There are non die cut versions of the card (gold and silver) but I only got the ruby die cut version in my box.  These are seeded 1:6 packs and with 18 in the box I got what I should have expected.  How awesome is that Gary Bromley card though?

Finally the autographs and relics:

Again, In the Game didn’t disappoint us.  with a seeding rate of 1:8 packs, you usually get 5 autograph or relic cards.  I think I’ve only seen on box where I got two and two of each.  On the other hand, I have also gotten boxes that had three and three of each.  This though I would call a very typical box, one high end autograph, one vintage one and one up and comer.  The Giacomin autograph is fantastic and is one my wife and I don’t have. Unfortunately since I have to give away all of these cards based on my agreement with ITG, we still will not have any.  Giacomin is a Hall of Fame goalie, Seth Martin only played one season in the NHL (and it was a great one), but is in the International Hockey Hall of Fame. Matt Murray is currently an OHL starting goalie, but has struggled on the ice in his two professional seasons.

As for the relics, I like the Eddie the Eagle dual jersey card.  Although, I have to say shame on ITG for including a plain white jersey, you have to have some blue in that Maple Leafs jersey in my opinion.  The Osgood stick card is phenomenal!  Also after doing a bit of research, although the card is not numbered, it is only a 1 of 10 card.  It isn’t four individual pieces, it’s one piece set behind the card window.  It is thick too.

Final Tally:

  • Base Cards – ITG tries very hard to make these better every year, and the inclusion of the new subsets are very good.  Toss in the fact there are 200 cards in the set and you’ve got yourself a nice set of cards. – B-
  • Non-Memorabilia Inserts – This is essentially the Masked Men cards.  This is probably the strongest set I’ve seen in years from this product and are worthy of make a chase for the entire 50 card set.  I don’t even think I would chase anything but the Ruby cards. – A+
  • Autographs – These seem to be on card, or if it is sticker based, they did a nice just of blending it into the card.  I really can’t be upset with what I got in this box, Giacomin is solid and so is the Seth Martin card.  The designs are nice and the seeding seems right. – B+
  • Value – Always a difficult thing to judge.  This box at $90 would be good, not great, but definitely not a let down.  My grade might sound a little harsh, but if I didn’t get the jumbo stick anniversary card, it would have gotten a much lower grade.  Price point on this product is higher than I thought it would be.  I would feel a lot better if it was a $70-80 product. – B-
  • Overall – B/B+

Since I am required to give away the cards and I don’t think a contest would do these cards justice I will be taking trade requests.  I don’t expect much, just something decent.  Best offer gets the cards.  I’m breaking it down into base cards, masked men cards, autographs (either one or all three), and relics (again, either one or both).  Send me an email with your proposal <here>.

Leave a comment with your review.


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  1. bamlinden says:

    Disappointed to see that you’re looking for something in return for the cards you are supposed to give away. Would have loved a shot at some of those as BTP is one of my fave products as well. It’s a shame. Nice break.

    • chemgod says:

      I’m not looking for anything awesome, I just thought it would be fun. I’m not even looking for equal value, just something I can put on the site to make fun of or to use as other prizes.

      Also the Eddie Giacomin card is going out to Dave H.

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