I know this is a sports card blog and I very rarely stray from that.  Today as I was driving to a friend’s office my wife read me the news that Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys died today.  I reacted really strongly to this.  We just happened to be pulling into a gas station or I would have had to stop.  I was in complete disbelieve and denial.  To say I was stunned would be a massive understatement.

I grew up in the 80s (ages 9-19) and those were the years that would form the base of my music love.  There were two bands that rolled out of the 80s that I would follow my entire life.  First there was Def Leppard and second was the Beastie Boys.  There are things I have on my music bucket list.  One of those things was to see the Beastie Boys live.  I had never had the opportunity, and now I never will.

Three Jewish boys from NYC they might of as well been my role models growing up. I am not going to lie to you and tell you I followed them from day one.  I did follow them when every other kid in my grade did . . . “Fight For Your Right . . .” I was completely sold by then and my buddies and I listened to “Listened to Ill” for hours and hours.  We knew every song and every lyric.  When “Paul’s Boutique” came out in 1989 (my Freshman year at college), I bought it and listened to it constantly.  I have since picked up every album that they have ever released.  It didn’t matter what it was from punk to rock to 70s music, I got it listened to it like mad and loved every second of it.

People of my parent’s generation talk about the day when Buddy Holly, Frankie Valens and the Big Bopper died.  Don McLean made the song American Pie about it.  Today is the day my generation mourns.  Sure we have had stars die in their prime (Kurt Cobain) and mourned about it.  Nirvana, was and is a polarizing band.  Either you liked them or you didn’t. This though is the first musician I can remember, that when I heard about his passing, whose career I had seen from the beginning to (near) end.  Plus, everyone liked the Beastie Boys.  They weren’t polarizing, they were loved by many.

With the passing of MCA, it ends an era of music.  Although I’m sure they could piece together another lineup, it just wouldn’t be the same.  It’s like Queen without Freddie Mercury, INXS without Michael Hutchence, or the Doors without Jim Morrison.  It just can’t happen, it shouldn’t happen.  Today marks the end of the Beastie Boys, it sucks, it makes me mad and sad all at once. This post is my way of dealing with the news. Rest in Peace MCA. We will miss you.


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  1. Daniel says:

    Hey Chemgod, First of all, I really enjoy your site. I read it often. I know you are not a Rays fan but you seem to mention them occasionally, BIG UP’s! But when I saw your comments on MCA I had to comment as well. It took a few days but the news really hit home. I usually do not get all emotional when it comes to celebs passing, but the Beastie Boys are an institution, an Iconic group, to say the least. Besides, “License to Ill” still holds its status even today. So yes the music has died figuratively but I will always be bumping Paul Revere and No Sleep Til Brooklyn!

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