I’ve been writing this blog for almost 4 years now.  I’ve never asked for a dime and have given away more than $500 worth of cards over the years.  Now I’m asking for a favor. I’m running out of things to talk about.  The industry itself has been quiet although every once in a while we will get a story <link>. So I am asking for a donation to the site, in return you get to see your name and blog / twitter account mentioned in the post.

I don’t want and will probably not get expensive cards.  I want your dogs.  The cards that you got as a “hit” that wasn’t worth the cardboard it’s printed on.  I take all sports and all brands.  I don’t care what year it was, I’m looking for inserts (autographs, game used, serial numbered, etc.).  Something that when you look at it, you sigh and move it to the back of the box / closet.

Upon donating it, please let me know what you want me to do with it.  Do you want me to give it away to another reader? Or should I keep it for my collection, maybe even turn this into the blogosphere’s collection of awful inserts. If you are interested in donating cards email me <here>.

I’ll keep something on the side of the blog which shows the top 5 donors and a link to their blog/twitter account.  I’ll also keep a separate page for the worst of the worst (which will also have your name and blog attached to it).  I think it will be fun and I hope to get some donations.  Sometime in the next few days I will get a button on the side. To make contacting me easier.

Thanks again for your help everyone,


PS – Not one of the cards donated will be sold.  If I decide to get rid of them it will be through a contest and will go for free to another collector. I am not doing this to make money, just to entertain the masses.


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  1. jj says:

    Oh I got something for you, how do I mail it to you

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